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1st Swiss Grand Prix, Duebendorf (Дюбендорф)

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  • Great photos :D I enjoyed watching them very much, but found just a worrying thing: it's no good that very few athletes ski in helmets. Most of them don't use helmets, which is quite dangerous really :(
    I saw only Helena Jonsson, Solveig Rogstad and Bjoern Ferry wearing them. That's no good at all. Other athletes risk their health and are not a good example for the junior.
  • Hopefully, biathletes can't start without helmets in the official competitions: World, European and National championships.
  • Yes, the lack of protection by helmets was something that I was concerned about, too, considering that the athletes are running blazingly fast on their roller skis. Actually, I think most athletes didn't put on their helmets because of the really hot burning sun on this day. Some athletes, such as Sandrine Bailly, for instance, considered to use a helmet first (as can be seen on some photos), but took it off later before the prologue started.
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