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4th City Biathlon, Puettlingen, Germany

  • The next big summer biathlon event in Central Europe will be held on August 31, 2008, named the 4th City Biatlon in Puettlingen, Germany. Currently, the following start list is announced by the organisators:

    Bailly, Sandrine (FRA)
    Ponza, Michaela (ITA)
    Wilhelm, Kati (GER)

    Birnbacher, Andreas (GER)
    Defrasne, Vicent (FRA)
    Graf, Daniel (GER)
    Greis, Michael (GER)
    Svendsen, Emil Hegle (NOR)
    Wolf, Alexander (GER)

    However, rumours say that more athletes have already signed. For instance, Kathrin Hitzer announces her participation on the event calendar of her official homepage.

    Does anyone know if any Russian biathletes will start in Puettlingen? Last year, Ekaterina Iourieva and Ivan Tcherezov did participate. Since I'm planning to travel to Puettlingen, I'd be glad to meet some Russians there.

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