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  • Wilhelmina, 20 Oct 2005, 12:06
    Biathlon Fan Union welcomes each and every biathlon fan in our community. Here you may ask any questions about Russian biathlon and expect to get the most detailed answer. Or you may just have a talk about biathlon or your favourite athlete. Nice to meet you here.

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  • hello . I'm very happy that the next season wiil beginning soon.

  • Алиса, 2 Nov 2005, 15:23
    Ben, welcome! :) Im also waiting myself anxiously to see the first Sprint in Ostersund!
  • You can also discuss Dream Team Championship here:
  • Privet! Hey, it?s nice you have a thread for the international community as well...let?s hope there will be a lot of traffic when the season starts!
  • Wilhelmina, 3 Nov 2005, 15:37
    Hi, deynna!

    Nice to see you here. We also hope for a greater flood of biathlon fans here during the season :)

    Are you going to play in the Dream Team Championship?
  • Алиса, 3 Nov 2005, 15:50
    Deynna, I forgot to tell you that we also have the Dream Team Championship, which is really a thing worth trying! You should try! But before you defenitely need to read the rules. )
  • Hi there!

    Is here anybody from Hungary?
  • I think I'm the only one :)
  • Алиса, 18 Nov 2005, 15:18
    Tamas, hi and welcome! :) Yes, you are the only representative of Hungary on our forum right now. But, who knows, maybe you willl meet some more Hungarian friends here during the season! :wink:
  • yes maybe.........
    but biathlon is not popular in hungary
  • Алиса, 18 Nov 2005, 18:45
    Do they broadcast biathlon races in your country??? How it happened that you are a fan of biathlon?
  • each event is shown on eurosport in hungarian language. in spite of it i know only one person, who knows who is olga zaitseva
  • Алиса, 18 Nov 2005, 21:41
    Now you know more!!!! :wink: :) Have you ever visited biathlon race live?
  • yes
    i was in pokljuka twice: in 2004 and in 2005

    and you?
  • I've just registered myself in your forum &
    I wanna say hello to everybody! :) ))
    And congratulations for the site!
  • Cool! I'v only visited EuroCup in Minsk (2004). And I hope, will be in Kontiolahty next year :)
  • Wilhelmina, 19 Nov 2005, 21:51
    Hi, Tamas and Inna! Welcome here! :D
  • Алиса, 20 Nov 2005, 00:58
    Hi, Inna! :)

    Tamas, lucky you are! I have never been to any biathlon competition BUT this year we plan to go to Finland and Im planning as well. So I hope this year will bring me new unforgettable experience!!! :)
  • this season i'd like to go to pokljuka again in marc.2006, but i think after the OG less participants will compete :?

    hi inna!
  • Oh, I don't think so because WC is very important for every sportsman.
  • important, but not for everyone... and lot of them will be very tired at the end of the OG, and choose resting

    i prefer the normal season, without OG
  • We shall see what we shall see :)
  • Hi,Tamas,nice to see you here! :) ))

    i prefer the normal season, without OG
    Well,the OG are once in 4 years,so maybe this is a little relief for you. :wink: )
  • Privjet, druzja... :oops: ... or something like that... maybe pryvyeT, droozyah... :oops: ... greetings from Dubrovnik, Croatia... I am probably the only Biathlon fan in my town, and among very few in my country... started to like Biathlon when I was like 10 years old, but it wasn't so easy to be in touch living where I live (god bless internet and Eurosport)...

    my favourites are: Kruglov and Poiree among men, and Guseva, Bogali and Baverel-Robert among women... fan of Russian and French national teams...

    planned few times to go to Pokljuka, but each time something prevented me :( ...

    well, enough for the first time... do svidanja! :wink:
  • Wilhelmina, 23 Nov 2005, 13:42
    Hi Zelig!

    Very nice to meet you here! Hope you'll enjoy biathlon this season together with us! :D
  • Hi Zelig, welcome in our international community! It becomes slowly really international and that?s what we wanted! Nice to meet you! We are all looking forward to your messages!
  • Tamas, but don't forget where will be World Championship in Pokljuka in mixed relay ;) so all stars will have to go there :)

    Inna, Zelig, dobrodoshli, nice to see you :)
  • Алиса, 23 Nov 2005, 22:18
    Hi, Zelig! Glad to meet you. You say that Kruglov is your favourite? Well, then we have already found lots in common! :wink:
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