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Community rules

  • These rules are obligatory to be followed by all members of the community. Their violation means immediate message removal and/or temporary ban for the member of the community.

    1. No direct or indirect insults of athletes or other members of the community as well as any sort of chauvinistic statements.
    2. No information, materials or statements contrary to Russian legislation.
    3. No direct advertising, including promotional web-links. If you are not sure whether your message is of a promotional character, contact the administration. Links containing information on the topic or other useful information are allowed.
    4. The International Community official language is ENGLISH. Russian is used in other forums.


    These rules fulfillment is necessary to make the communication in the Forum more comfortable for every member. They are not obligatory but a systematical violation may lead to a temporary ban of the member. Administration may edit, replace or remove the messages that do not meet these rules. They are based on community communication ethics and their fulfillment shows the culture of the forum.

    1. New threads should correspond with the general topic of the forum. Administration may replace threads that do not meet this rule without explanations.
    2. Before creating a new thread you should et acquainted with the existing ones not to create a topic already being discussed.
    3. Threads with “empty” titles (like “A Stupid Question”, “Help me, please” and so on) are not desirable.
    4. The same messages posted in different threads or Forums are not desirable.
    5. Try to avoid posting senseless messages.
    6. Try to write correctly and not mangle words and names.
    7. Try not to write messages in capital letters alone or abuse using emoticons.
    8. Off topic is not desirable.
    9. Please do not use the Forum for personal correspondence, for this you should better use the forum private messaging system, e-mail, ICQ and so on.

    The Administration has the right to change the present rules at any time.