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  • Hi people, I just wanted to ask if someone of you is planning to visit some stages of world cup? Which ones? Are you afraid of the lack of snow? I am! I?d like to go to Hochfilzen and Osrblie and for one day to Ruhpolding as well.

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  • Wilhelmina, 14 Nov 2005, 22:30
    Hi, deynna!

    Biathlon Fan Union is going to Kontiolahti WC (FIN) in March and some of us are planning to go to Holmenkollen after that. Just hope we succeed. The lack of snow - well, you see, we hope to have some more in the end of the season :)
  • Алиса, 14 Nov 2005, 22:44
    Well, but I think you will agree that for European people its easier to go somewhere just because all the places are so close there. You are really lucky! :) For most of us who plan to go to Finland its going to be for the first time but I guess most of fans who live in Europe have visited at least one stage of the World cup!
  • Well, to be honest, I?m a European, but this year it?s going to be my first visit of a world cup. Unfortunatelly, the costs of such a visit are quite high, so till now I always wanted t go only to Osrblie which is cheap. But as you know, there is no world cup every year in osrblie and once there was no snow and the races were held in Anterselva and also the date before Christmas is not very good...Hope this year I can do it. Hope there will be snow during the whole seasons so we all can see some races when coming to the world cup for the first time...
  • Алиса, 16 Nov 2005, 15:11
    Let's hope that to all of us this coming season will be even more exciting as we will enjoy biathlon right on the stadium! :wink: But agree, Deynna, that for us thats even more expensive as we also need to spend money on our way to the place...
  • deynna, i hope i'll go to Osrblie this year (though i hadn't got viza yet), but i think you remember it from the same discussion in czecho-slovakian forum at ;) We also have such a discussion here in russian (, and Erja also wants to go)
  • Then we meet in Osrblie :) I?m going there with a friend (you possibly know her from the same Czech-Slovak forum, her name is Zuzzi) and with a few German girls from Uschi Disl fanclub...
  • Wilhelmina, 16 Nov 2005, 17:22
    Kindest regards to Zuzzi from Wilhelmina :)))))
  • Kindest regards to Zuzzi from Wilhelmina :)))))
    You know each other, too? How nice :)
  • Wilhelmina, 17 Nov 2005, 16:16
    2 deynna, you know :D I tried to teach her a bit of Spanish by correspondence :roll:
  • 2 Wilhelmina...

    yeah, Biathlonworld is a good place to meet nice people ;)
  • Алиса, 17 Nov 2005, 17:18
    Lets hope that rbu-biathlon will also become "a good place to meet nice people"! :wink:
  • Wilhelmina, 17 Nov 2005, 18:08
    I'm sure, it will! :D
  • deynna, good news from Osrblie:)

    In the night from 18th to 19th November the snow guns have begun to work in Osrblie for the first time within this season, when the night temperature had decreased up to - 8° C.

    The snow guns are working at the biathlon stadium, test tracks and snow gathering place. Osrblie has done its one of first important step to carry out the e.on ruhrgas IBU World Cup 3 scheduled for the season 2005/2006.

    Participants from 37 IBU Members Federations are actually entered for IBU Biathlon World Cup in Brezno-Osrblie.

  • Lets hope there will be snow also in december!!! ;)
  • Алиса, 12 Dec 2005, 22:15
    One of our memebers has visited Hochfilzen! (lucky she is! :) ) Here is what she has told me. Deyanna promised to write some words herself but only after stage in Osrblie, where she also go. Here are few lines you may find interesting!

    deynna (09:18 PM) :
    I really enjoyed being there...the weather was nice, there weren?t too many people, so I could change my place...and the races were great! It was never clear after few racer who will be the winner! And also the Czech men weren?t bad (four of them made points in the sprint!!!) it was a dream!

    deynna (09:22 PM) :
    There were only 6 fanclubs participating...first was the FC of Andi Birnbacher, second the Holsteiner Karabben who support all the biathletes and third Uschi Disls FC (I?m a member!!!)

    deynna (09:24 PM) :
    I could talk to the Czech men they were very nice to me, signed ma flag...and I also got autographs of Raphael Poiree, Linda Tjoerhom, Liv Grete Poiree, Albina akhatova, Anna Bogali, Martina Zellner, Michael Greis, Frank was amazing! Hope you can experience the same athmosphere in Kontiolahti!!!

    deynna (09:26 PM) :
    The fanclub had to came and show themselves, nothing wasn?t very amazing. The jury wanted to see how many members are there, if they have some unified clothes, flaggs or so and asked some questions...

    deynna (09:27 PM) :
    Not all sportsmen were that kind, but I can understand if they don?t have time or don ?t want to stay with fans on every corner

    Алиса (09:27 PM) :
    for example?

    deynna (09:27 PM) :
    E.g. Olga pyleva went always quickly around looking just in front of herself, didn?t wanted hear any "pazhalsta"...

    deynna (09:28 PM) :
    and all people I met told me that Ricco Gross is known for not liking giving autographs

    deynna (09:40 PM) :
    Yes, they sell there flags, pins, calenders...
    If you are on the tribune, you can see the targets, but have to know on what number your athlete is. But there is also a video wall showing the same what?s on TV

    deynna (09:41 PM) :
    yes, i went alone, but I met there some people I the girsl from Uschi Disl Fnaclub and also a girl from forum on biathlon-online (manuelarald)

    deynna (09:43 PM) :
    No, you can?t go to the targets if you don?t have any acreditation

    deynna (09:44 PM) :
    but you be there also before competition and later, so you can see the athletes train and the service members test the interesting as well. I made the best photos before a competitin when they just went around

    deynna (09:46 PM) :
    yes, you can stay also around the track...the first days I was on the tribune, then during the relay on the track and the last day I stay close to the penalty loop...

    deynna (09:47 PM) :
    yes, I?ll put the photos or some of them to my homepage (anyway, you can write something to my guest book, if you want...), but I?m sure I won?t be able to do it tomorrow. So after Osrblie...I?ll tell you then

    deynna (09:50 PM) :
    yes, it is! when a Czech - Tomas Holubec - had to ski three times there after the standing shooting, I screamed like creazy all the 450 meters he was in :-D

    Алиса (09:51 PM) :
    thanks for the great description!!!!!!! I hope I will be able to go to Finalnd:-)

    deynna (09:52 PM) :
    I?m sure you will go and have lot of fun and great experience there!

    Алиса (10:01 PM) :
    :-)you are right! the snow there was absolutely natural or there was artificial as well?

    deynna (10:04 PM) :
    it was natural, there was enough snow in the whole area but they< had also the artificial one ready...
  • Dinarochka, 13 Dec 2005, 00:06
    Alisa and deynna, thank you very much for this interesting story about Hochfilzen. As I see it was really good. :D But I've noticed somithing new for me, I never think that Olga and Ricco don't like to give autographs. Maby they really were very busy and concentrated before the race. :roll:
  • At last I am here!!! I am glad to see here some fans of CZE-SVK biathlon! I support CZE/SVK sportsmen too! So it would be nice to discuss with you biathlon events, Gaucho,Deynna and others. Special thanks to Dinarochka, who invited me to participate in these forums :) Of course, I support our ukrainians too :lol: Hope to hear from you soon!
  • Wilhelmina, 16 Dec 2005, 15:01
    Hi, Gardolo!

    Nice to meet you here and welcome!
  • Well, GER team is superb! I am so impressed with these young germans: they are so quick, and they seem to not have nerves at all! Their shooting is excellent too! Greis, Roesch, Wolf, Birnbacher.... It looks like for Gross and Luck it is no place in the Olympic team anymore.... Will it be on Sunday also all-German race? :lol:
  • Hello everybody.

    I?m sorry I haven?t been for such a long time here. I had quite turbulent times lately...

    @ Alisa: thank you for putting our talk there :)

    Yes, the world cup in Hochfilzen and Osrblie were great! I was absolutely excited!

    Hochfilzen: you can make great photos there when standing around the track, but there are quite many people, so you can?t get so close to the athletes (but much better than in Ruhpolding for sure)

    Osrblie: less people, you can meet more athletes and standing quite close when the flower ceremony is held (I even got the flowers from Alexander Wolf after we won the sprint!). During the officiall prizegiving the athletes are among the people. No entry fees.

    During the two world cup I could get about 30 autographs, among them the Russians Anna Bogali, Svetlana Ishmouratova, Albina Akhatova, Nikolai Krouglov :)

    Wish you the same luck!
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