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  • 30 Dec 2010
    RBU President Mr. Mikhail Prokhorov gave an interview to a Russian TV broadcaster VGTRK, explaining why Russian biathletes can win only under some ideal conditions, why the Russian coaches have decided to sacrifice World Cup results and who takes the main responsibility. We publish the main ideas.
  • 27 Dec 2010
    The “Izhevsk Rifle” was the competition that decided the Russian national team’s memberlist for the World and IBU Cups in January. 
  • 26 Dec 2010
    Women’s sprint was held at the «Izhevsk rifle» competitions in Izhevsk on Saturday. Natalia Guseva is the champion followed by teammate Yana Romanova and the B-team member Anna Kunaeva. The national team coaches have decided on the national team members for the January World Cups and IBU Cups. 

    Photos from the «Izhevsk Rifle» at Flickr, Facebook and VKontakte
  • 24 Dec 2010
    «Izhevsk Rifle» competitions are open with the Individual races. The winners are Yekaterina Yurlova, representing the national A-team, and Anatoli Loktionov from Murmansk.
  • 20 Dec 2010
    Russian squad ranked 4th in the mixed relay, last race of WC3 at Pokljuka, falling 5,6 seconds behind the winner, Sweden. Ukrainians ranked 2nd and France – 3rd.

    Photo from Slovenia available at and RBU's Facebook Page
  • 20 Dec 2010
    Olga Zaitseva won bronze in the women’s sprint without shooting errors. Anna Bogaliy-Titovets ranked 9th, Natalia Guseva finished 19th, Yekaterina Yurlova ranked 20th with 2 shooting errors, Svetlana Sleptsova finished 23rd and Olga Vilukhina was 63rd.
  • 19 Dec 2010
    Men’s sprint opened the second competition day at Pokljuka. Russia’s Yevgeni Ustygov ranked 5th within the flower ceremony. Andrey Makoveev finished 9th, Ivan Tcherezov was 38th, Maxim Tchoudov finished 49th, Anton Shipulin was 56th and Maksim Maksimov ranked 59th.
  • 17 Dec 2010
    Women’s individual was the second competition of the first day in Pokljuka. Olga Zaitseva finished 5th followed by teammates Svetlana Sleptsova, who ranked 10th, Yekaterina Yurlova who was 20th, Yana Romanova, Anna Bogaliy-Titovets and Natalia Guseva who were 28th, 51st and 61st respectively. 

    Photo from Slovenia available at, RBU's Flickr and Facebook pages
  • 17 Dec 2010
    Slovenian Pokljuka hosted men’s individual race during World Cup 3. Aleksey Volkov ranked 18th followed by Anton Shipulin (19th), Yevgeni Ustyugov (22nd), Maxim Tchoudov (35th), Ivan Tcherezov (37th) and Andrey Makoveev (79th). 

  • 15 Dec 2010
    Just one medal in 12 races and lame relays begging for changes. Right after World Cup 2 in Hochfilzen speaks with Russia’s A-team head coach Vladimir Barnashov about the reasons of the failure and the team’s future and learns about new athletes to arrive in the A-team, wrong tactics about the training and real reasons for the Sunday rely fiasco. 

  • 12 Dec 2010
    Women’s pursuit  was held at the end of WC 3 in Hochfilzen. Anna Bogaliy-Titovets improved her start position and finished 6th, Yekaterina Yurlova finished 13th followed by Yana Romanova – 14th, Olga Zaitseva ranked 19th followed by teammate Svetlana Sleptsova 20th and the youngest Olga Vilukhina ranked 24th. 

    Photo from the 3rd day in Hochfilzen available at, RBU's Facebookand Flickr pages
  • 12 Dec 2010
    The final day at Hochfilzen WC 3 was opened by the men’s relay. Russian squad compiled of Ivan Tcherezov, Maxim Tchoudov, Anton Shipulin and Yevgeni Ustyugov ranked 13th. Norwegian squad won followed by the Austrian and the French teams. 
  • 11 Dec 2010
    Russian squad finished 4th in the first ladies’ relay of the season. Svetlana Sleptsova, Anna Bogaliy-Titovets, Yekaterina Yurlova and Olga Zaitseva ranked 4th after Germany, Ukraine and Norway leaving behind France. 

    Photo from the 2nd day in Hochfilzen available at, RBU's Facebook and Flickr pages
  • 11 Dec 2010
    The second competition day at Hochfilzen was open by men’s pursuit. Ivan Tcherezov was the first to win a medal for the Russian team; ranking 3rd. Yevgeni Ustyugov followed his teammate at the 4th place. Maxim Tchoudov finished 14th, Anton shipulin was 21st and Aleksey Volkov was 37th. 

  • 8 Dec 2010
    Albina Akhatova, Dmitri Yaroshenko and Yekaterina Yurieva’s sanctions for Anti-Doping rules violation end on December, 5th 2010. Since this day all three athletes are again eligible for any official competitions. Dmitri Yaroshenko, whose suspension ended a day earlier, has already ranked 3rd in a national competition. Yekaterina Yurieva is preparing for her first start, while Albina Akhatova isn’t going to start at any big competitions in the nearest future. asked the athletes bout their plans and new goals. 

  • 6 Dec 2010
    Pursuit was the last competition at World Cup 1 in Oestersund. Anton Shipulin ranked 6th while his teammates were Maksim Maksimov (9th ), Yevgeni Ustyugov (22nd), Aleksey Volkov (23rd) and Maxim Tchoudov (55th). Among ladies Olga Zaitsev and Svetlana Sleptsova ranked 6th and 7th respectively, while Yekaterina Yurlova rose from her 36th start position up to 12th in the final standings. Anna Bogaliy-Titovets finished 15th, Ann aBoulygina 43rd, and Yana Romanova 49th. 

    Photo from the race available at and RBU Flickr and Facebook pages
  • 4 Dec 2010
    On December, 4th Oestersund hosted the men’s sprint. Anton Shipulin was the best of Russians finishing 8th, followed by Yevgeni Ustygov (16th), Maxim Tchoudov (26th), Aleksey Volkov (31st), Maksim Maksimov (34th), and Ivan Tcherezov (61st). 

    Photo from the race available at and RBU Flickr and Facebook pages
  • 4 Dec 2010
    On December, 3rd women competed in sprint at the season opening World Cup. Olga Zaitseva ranked 8th , higher than any other of her teammates. Anna Bogaliy-Titovets is 11th , Svetlana Sleptsova finished 14th, Yana Romanova is 17th, Anna Boulygina – 28th and Yekaterina Yurlova – 36th. Here you can see their first comments after the competition end. 
  • 3 Dec 2010
    On December, 2nd the men’s 20 km Individual competition at Oestersund World Cup 1 was held. Russian entry included 5 athletes, the best of whom, Maksim Maksimov ranked 16 (57,53.2, 0+0+1+1). Maxim Tchudov finished 17 (57.55.7, 1+0+0+0), Anton Shipulin was 19 (57.59.6, 1+0+1+0), Aleksey Volkov was 24 (58.37.3, 1+0+0+1) and Vladimir Semakov ranked 61 (, 2+0+1+0). presents short athlete's and coaches commentaries on the race.

    Photo from the race available at and RBU Flickr and Facebook pages
  • 2 Dec 2010
    Three  Russian biathlets took places in the top 10 after the first World Cup race in Ostersund, Sweden — Yana Romanova (5th in the final ranking), Olga Zaitseva (6th) and Svetlana Sleptsova (8th) made a great effort on the way to finish but were unsuccessful on the shooting range. Final results are available inside.
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