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World Cup. Ostersund. Pursuit

Pursuit was the last competition at World Cup 1 in Oestersund. Anton Shipulin ranked 6th while his teammates were Maksim Maksimov (9th ), Yevgeni Ustyugov (22nd), Aleksey Volkov (23rd) and Maxim Tchoudov (55th). Among ladies Olga Zaitsev and Svetlana Sleptsova ranked 6th and 7th respectively, while Yekaterina Yurlova rose from her 36th start position up to 12th in the final standings. Anna Bogaliy-Titovets finished 15th, Ann aBoulygina 43rd, and Yana Romanova 49th. 

Mikhail Tkachenko: Yesterday I told the guys that we’d be good at prone shooting and had to fight the standing shooting. We can’t blame Anton Shipulin, but he understands that he could have been at the podium but for his two shooting errors.  We’ll analyze, what has happened to Maxim Tchoudov, but I think that he hasn’t done the correction. Today morning he had red eyes and complained that yesterday the wind blew him in the eyes at the slopes. We’ll find the reasons for his problems. The main point is that as you see, all the athletes gain speed as we planned. We didn’t expect great results in first races. But it’s obvious that their form is growing.

Maksim Maksimov: There’s no reason for congratulations, as I’m neither on the podium nor in the flower ceremony. Still I’m pleased. My feelings are positive; it’s easier to ski each and every day. It’s the point of the first competition; we didn’t know our own condition before. In the sprint I miscalculated my acceleration and finish, while today I skied far better. Very many thanks to our servicemen, the skis were prepared greatly and I also coped with the shooting. The weather temperature was almost hot in comparison with the previous days. 

Anton Shipulin: I’m pleased with my skiing today; it was a bit better than earlier. We gain our form every day. As for the shooting, I did 2 mistakes which left me a bit behind. They were childish those errors of mine, because I was eager to end shooting and go on, but I missed. My task for today was not to worsen my start position and I reached it. The speeds Norwegians show now are reachable for us, we just need a bit more time. 

Svetlana Sleptsova: The toughest thing is over, I mean, the sprint for me was the hardest race here at Oestersund according to both the result and my sensations.  I skied far better today. But for the last shooting error, I’d say  I’m quite satisfied, but I missed once at the shooting range and I had little energy left at the last lap.  We skied together with Olga Zaitseva. The coaches told us that Dasha Domracheva was behind. I looked back and saw she was far. So I collected all my powers and threw myself into the finishing effort. 

Yekaterina Yurlova: I was eager to perform well today. I’ll now work just in the same rhythm (laughing). I’m really satisfied with my shooting and very thankful to the coaches advising me on the track, although we always discuss our tactics before the race. Andrea Henkel must have been surprised with the agility of mine (laughing again). Thanks to all our fans, who cheered me up greatly! Thank you very much! 

Photo from the race available at and RBU Flickr and Facebook pages.

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