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World Cup. Hochfilzen. Men's relay

The final day at Hochfilzen WC 3 was opened by the men’s relay. Russian squad compiled of Ivan Tcherezov, Maxim Tchoudov, Anton Shipulin and Yevgeni Ustyugov ranked 13th. Norwegian squad won followed by the Austrian and the French teams. 

Mikhail Tkachenko, chief coach of the Russian men’s team: Almost all of the guys had to risk today. Their errors were quite typical. Shipulin shot at 3 o’clock; he made a correction and then shot a 9 o’clock. Tchoudov had the same thing about shooting with the same deviation. I wouldn’t speak about a wrong correction because of the wind right now. Yevgeni Ustyugov played an all-or-nothing game. I'd even say that the problem is even not a psychological one. Tcherezov was wrong about the tactics, he was leading after the first shooting and he carried everyone on his back. Consequently others had to adapt to his tempo. We’ll speak with the athletes today and analyze what has happened in detail. It’s not for a scandal. but we have to understand what has happened. It’s odd, that it’s happened with all of the four. And we now have to understand the reasons and forget it like a nightmare. 

Maxim Tchoudov: What can I say? I failed completely both at skiing and shooting. I admit that I performed very bad. Naturally, we understand that the first leg is to make a lead for the others. I f not, each of us is supposed to try to catch up with the gap. I tried to ski faster than I could stand and failed at the shooting range. It’s all I can say. 

Ivan Tcherezov: I had just one task, to make a comfortable lead for the others. Maybe it was my main mistake. I took the lead and tried to run faster than I could. I hurried up too much at the second lap and it happened like it happened.

Russian Biathlon Union Media Office