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World Cup. Pokljuka. Men’s Individual

Slovenian Pokljuka hosted men’s individual race during World Cup 3. Aleksey Volkov ranked 18th followed by Anton Shipulin (19th), Yevgeni Ustyugov (22nd), Maxim Tchoudov (35th), Ivan Tcherezov (37th) and Andrey Makoveev (79th). 

Mikhail Tkachenko, men’s chief coach: “We expected far more from this race. Bad weather, which interfered in the course of the event, is not a justification. The athletes didn’t cope with the wind, they didn’t show enough self-possession at the shooting range. Still some of them were not bad in skiing. Maxim Tchoudov showed a nice speed.  We have to improve our shooting. Today, you know, even two misses allowed to be among the top-8. At the same time Aleksey Volkov, who did 2 errors only, has not gained the necessary speed yet. Ivan Tcherezov competed till the end, but the fourth shooting laid him low too. We’ll analyze the race personally with each of the athletes”. 

Yevgeni Ustygov: “Frankly speaking, the first two laps were terrible for me, it was really hard. I can’t even say why I feel so different in different races this year. After all I felt better, but it was also after my three shooting errors. I did them because I chose a wrong target and shot in a blast of wind. The coaches advised me about the correction to the wind and I did the fourth shooting at another target. It’s really annoying to lose a race because of one shooting sessions only. I had a good chance but lost it because my three errors”. 

Anton Shipulin: “I tried to make a stress on the shooting today, because it’s the only way to succeed in an individual competition. And it’s really sad that I did three unforced errors. I don’t consider the miss at the second shooting an unforced one, because there was a strong blast of the wind. I waited for 50 seconds, but failed once. It hurts me even more, since I know that even two mistakes could allow me to compete for a high rank. Many athletes shot bad today. The weather is sunny, but sudden blasts of wind of different directions make a sort of lottery game out of shooting”. 

Aleksey Volkov: “The shooting was really unpredictable today. The wind changed its direction quite often. It’s not a justification, just a fact. In general I can say I coped with the wind, but I’m not in a good condition yet. I’d rather say I’m far from it yet. With my speed I could only make one mistake today, but I had two. The track here is a different one. It’s mostly plain, but then suddenly appear slopes and turns. I even damaged my skis at one of them, so I’ll have to throw them away”. 

Andrey Makoveev: “I made four mistakes at the very first shooting. I think I was a bit nervous because it was my debit at the WC this year. After that I tried to work as I’m used to, but those four misses didn’t make me more confident, you know. It’s far more serious here than at the IBU Cup. There are many obvious outsiders there. Here every athlete can outrun any other”.

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