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World Cup. Pokljuka. Men’s Sprint

Men’s sprint opened the second competition day at Pokljuka. Russia’s Yevgeni Ustygov ranked 5th within the flower ceremony. Andrey Makoveev finished 9th, Ivan Tcherezov was 38th, Maxim Tchoudov finished 49th, Anton Shipulin was 56th and Maksim Maksimov ranked 59th

Yevgeni Ustygov: I told myself that today I had to stop those failures and therefore I started fast. I slightly pulled the rifle on the third shot of the prone shooting. I fortunately didn’t make an error then, but I had to think that situation over. I think it made me a bit nervous and I missed the fourth shot. It was really annoying, because I knew I mustn’t miss if I wanted to be at the podium. I was also nervous about my fourth shot at the standing shooting, but performed well. After the shooting the coaches advised me about my position and I ran all my best.

Ivan Tcherezov: It was hard today. And I can’t say it was better in the individual race. It was hard in both races for me. I’d say that 2 shooting errors in the sprint is always much, but if you’re in a good condition, there’s always a chance to fight even with that many shooting problems. Unfortunately, this time I didn’t have much to expect with two misses.

Andrey Makoveev: I think that it’s no bad result being in top-10 with two shooting errors. I’m satisfied with the today’s performance in general. It would have been much better but for the unfortunate miss at the second shooting. It made me disappointed a bit; still I preserved my speed on the last lap and even increased it. I haven’t competed much on such a high level recently and I think it could also affect the result. I gain self-confidence only through important competitions. Today I started from the last start group and competed with the leaders. I think I even felt better in the individual race than in sprint, but my speed was higher today. This shows that I’m improving from one competition to another.

Russian Biathlon Union Media Office