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World Cup. Pokljuka. Mixed Relay

Yevgeni Ustygov: It’s like April weather. It’s just what it is. We lacked a bit of luck once again. We had shooting problems, but other teams like Sweden or Ukraine also used 10 spare rounds. But we finish four teams in 5 seconds and Russia’s the last. We have a similar performance, but lack a bit of luck. Maybe we would have been on the podium if we had done fewer mistakes. Still, I repeat that we’re within a whisker from a success. We hope for the better anyway.

Mikhail Tkachenko: In general, I’d say we performed quite well. We lost a lot of time on the first leg, but then we perfectly compensated the gap. The five seconds we lost at the finish meant that the fight didn’t stop till the very finishing line. It would have been also up to the finish for our team, if Yevgeni Ustyugov had done one miss less. The athletes saw each other and felt the situation. Certainly, 10 spare rounds are too much; anyway, we didn’t have penalty loops, when a strong Germany squad, for example, had four. And we finished ahead of many other strong teams. And I think that mixed relay will become even more popular very soon, because almost any team can make a squad of two men and two women.

Olga Zaitseva: Maybe it was really the acclimatization yesterday. I felt, like, you know, very tired. Today it was much easier. The only thing was that on the second lap before the second shooting I tried to catch up with the rivals ahead and thus had some problems while shooting. After the finish I kept my fingers crossed for Anton and Yevgeni. Don’t worry, it’ll be alright!

Russian Biathlon Union Media Office