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January Pool

The “Izhevsk Rifle” was the competition that decided the Russian national team’s memberlist for the World and IBU Cups in January. 

Women’s A-team. World Cup: Olga Zaitseva, Svetlana Sleptsova, Anna Bogaliy-Titovets, Yekaterina Yurlova, Natalia Guseva, Yana Romanova. 

Women’s B-team. IBU Cup: Ekaterina Yurieva, Yekaterina Glazyrina, Yevgenia Sedova, Uliana Denisova, Anastasia Kalina, Anna Kunaeva, Yekaterina Shumilova, Daria Virolaynen. 

Men’s A-team. World Cup: Ivan Tcherezov, Yevgeni Ustyugov, Anton shipulin, Maxim Tchoudov, Andrey Makoveev, Aleksey Churin. 

Men’s B-team. IBU Cup: Artem Ushakov, Aleksey Volkov, Maksim Maksimov, Sergey Bocharnikov, Viktor Vasiliev, Maksim Ikhsanov, Timofey Lapshin, Yevgeni Garanichev. 

The National team head coach Vladimir Barnashov commented: “We’ve got a qualification system and all the athletes qualified have met the requirements, Each team had 4 athletes to have qualified in advance and the rest qualified according to the inner RBU rating by points gained in the World Cup, IBU Cup and Izhevsk Rifle races. I should say that the girls are recovering high speeds. Katia Yurlova and Natalia Guseva and also Yana Romanova have shown very good results. I think that their performance will be good in January. Speaking about the men’s team, we have tested Andrey Makoveev in Pokljuka where he had the 3rd speed in sprint and was also fast in the individual competition, so his skiing is quite comparable to the world leaders today. As for Aleksey Churin, he qualified from the 5th place in the rating and showed a good result also. 

We have also good young athletes, like Bocharnikov and Garanichev, but they are not stable enough yet. Maybe we invite some more athletes for the 5th and 6th World Cups. Changes are possible. We’d like to invite Dmitri Yaroshenko and try him in the individual competition. We think he is in a good shape now and although he has not gained the necessary point rate yet, we have a possibility to invite one man and one woman to the A-team on our own consideration. 

Speaking about Vilukhina, unfortunately she’s not in her best condition now. She fell 1 minute and 25 seconds behind the leader in the latest sprint competition as for her skiing time and it made a gap of 2.40 with the shooting. It’s a weak result. I’ve spoken with her personal coach and we’ve decided that they now need a good recovery training camp for her to prepare for the European Championships. I think that she’ll overcome this situation. It’s the same for Anna Boulygina. In yesterday’s sprint she was the athletes we’ve known. She finished 6th with a good speed.  Unfortunately her condition now would not allow to compete at either World Cup or IBU Cup level. Still we hope she’ll recover and we’ll have her with us again”. 

World Cup 4 to start on January, 5th at Oberhof, Germany. “Rossiya 2” TV channel and website are to broadcast live. Live commentary at @Biathlonrus.

Russian Biathlon Union Media Office