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Bronze mixed relay in Presque Isle!

Svetlana Sleptsova: My shooting failed me today, but I think it’s a psychological problem. I’ll try to correct my mistakes in tomorrow’s pursuit. I’m satisfied with both my performance and the result today. I think we’ve been recovering from our relay illness. We were anxious about Maxim today, if he had enough power to bear it to the end and he did it. We thank him for it. I dedicate this bronze medal to all fans and I’d also like to congratulate younger national teams who won the JYWCHs. They are in the very beginning of a long road and I wish them all the best. 

Natalia Guseva: It was hard both yesterday and today. I spent too much powers and it was harder in the mixed relay than in the sprint. At the warming up the lap seems to be easy, but in the race it results very hard. I didn’t feel easy on the shooting range either. I was nervous and the wind was hanging its direction, so I had to use amore spare rounds. On the whole we performed well; I should say it’s a successful day for Russia today. I believe there was a crucial moment for us after the New Year and now we try to be on the podium always and aim at maximum results. This bronze medal is of great importance for us. 

Ivan Tcherezov: It was a good race. It’s so pleasant to rise to the barrel which imitates the podium here, the second day in a row. When I started the race, I wanted to be as fast as possible from the very beginning, because I wanted to compensate the gap. I felt good, but for one thing. The track is peculiar in its hardness and I had to strain the shin. So my muscles were overstrained when I came to the shooting range and I made shooting mistakes because of that. It’s good that we perform better in the relays. I hope we’ve overcome the problems we had in December and January. It’s all a result of a big work.

Maxim Tchoudov:  It wasn’t easy, but I’m very glad than I managed to outrun the Italians on the last meters. I performed not bad and kept the third position. Not all of the strongest athletes participated today, but the competition was really high, though. I think that at the World Championships everything will be decided on the last meters as well. Today I fel tougher than yesterday. The muscles of legs were overstrained. Now we’ll do everything possible to recover. 

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