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World Cup. Presque Isle. Women pursuit

The best of Russians in the last Presque Isle race was Ekaterina Glazyrina who took 14th place in women pursuit. Svetlana Sleptsova was 15th, Uliyana Denisova 16th, Natalya Guseva 18th, Ekaterina Yourieva 22nd and Iana Romanova 35th.

Svetlana Sleptsova: It was a raffle today because of the wind. Some had luck and the others not. It was difficult to fight because we competed for the third day in a row. At the last shooting we caught a strong gust of wind. After all I had three penalties, although I might have shot faster and run five penalties and have a better time. It was again a psychological problem, since I wished to shoot clean so much. I saw other athletes have 4 mistakes. When you’re in a gust of wind, it’s hard because you try to control the situation, but you often fail to do it. Maybe you must distract and just do your work to cope with it. One should keep working. On the whole I think that this World Cup was successful for us. We are faster than earlier, but we don’t have enough luck yet. Anyway we feel a progress.

Yekaterina Glazyrina: It’s so nice to be the best of your team, especially rising from the 39th to the 14th position. I’ve got many penalty loops, but I’m happy. When we came here, I felt a bit ill and wasn’t really good in the sprint. But yesterday I had a rest and today I was better. Frankly speaking I haven’t thought of the World Champs. I have to start at the European Championships, so I just don’t think about Khanty-Mansiysk yet.

Natalia Guseva: Today during the race I told myself all the time that I can’t finish behind the 19th place. The two first days were difficult, but today in general I felt good in skiing. The only unpleasant thing is when you ask another athletes to make you way and they don’t. You lose time and powers because of it. And other athletes can outrun you in this moment. Yesterday I had this situation with the French athlete. I fell down and maybe lost a silver medal for Russia. Today it was the same. When you try to outrun anyone they disturb you, which is unpleasant. The weather was difficult, a real raffle at the shooting range, but on the whole I’m satisfied with this World Cup. 

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