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Glazyrina to get the best result in women pursuit

Yekaterina Glazyrina was the best of Russians in women pursuit in Fort Kent being on the 9th place. Ulyana Denisova took 22th place, Iana Romanova 28th, Natalya Guseva 33rd, Ekaterina Yourieva 40th. 

Yekaterina Glazyrina: I’m happy to be in the top-10 today. I failed a little bit for the flower ceremony, but still I’m glad. I made two mistakes on four shooting ranges and they are my fault. It’s my personal best in career. I feel very close to the top results. I don’t think I have done something impossible today. Maybe I had to be higher yesterday to reach the flower ceremony today. On the whole I can say I felt better today. Maybe yesterday I just gained the speed. 

Uliana Denisova: I can’t say my result is a good one. I’m no satisfied with either my skiing or shooting. I can compare my World Cup performance now with that of 2007. Then I thought that the competition level was higher, I ranked among the 40th and 50th places and felt really hard. Now I feel more stable. Maybe I became calmer, maybe I rose to a new level myself. I don’t mean it’s a new power, I think it’s just experience. 

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