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World Championship. Men sprint. Makoveev's best race of the season

Men's sprint was the first race of the second competition day at Khanty-Mansiysk .Andrey Makoveev of Russia shot clean and ranked 4th. Ivan Tcherezov ranked 19th, Olympic Champion Yevgeni Ustyugov was 29th and Anton Shipulin ranked 37th.

Anton Shipulin: My illness seems to have affected my condition. I felt very hard on the course today, especially at the last lap. I also made 3 shooting mistakes, which is too much for a Sprint. When I was at the first shooting, there was a slight gust of wind, I tried to wait and so spent more time on Shooting. The coaches discussed with me if I had to start or not. I insisted on competing today. I have already had a few good trainings after my illness, I tried to accelerate and felt good, so I didn't expect it to be so hard today. But it happened so.

Yevgeni Ustyugov: I have never shot clean in two races in a row. I know that, say, Maksim Maksimov did it many times, but not I. I've made unforced errors today and I know why exactly I did them, which is rather annoying. But the main thing I can do now is make appropriate conclusions. Andrey Makoveev performed very well today, he shot clean in a difficult moment, so I'd like to congratulate him. My task for Pursuit is to cope with the shooting and accelerate a bit more.

Ivan Tcherezov: I can't say the wind disturbed me today or something. I felt good when shooting the second time and I got very upset when I made the mistake. I can say that I feel not great. I expected to feel better, because in the Mixed Relay we accelerated well.

Andrey Makoveev: Frankly speaking, I'm upset. I would have been happy of a 4th place at a World Cup, but here I came to compete for medals. I knew that not only I needed the medal, but the whole team. So I feel annoyed. I felt good at the last lap, but when I had to accelerate more, I just turned off. The body passed the limit when it can't do more. I'll compete and try more to rise to the podium.

Vladimir Barnashov, head coach: Evidently, Andrey Makoveev had a very good race today. He did what he could do and we've got no questions to him. Tcherezov and Ustyugov's mistakes were rather unexpected for us. They could make one mistakes, but 2 shooting errors are too much for a Sprint. Anton Shipulin was ill for several days and had to make a pause in trainings, so we could not expect much of him today.

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