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World Championship. Men's pursuit. Ustyugov — the best of Russians

Men's Pursuit opened the 3rd competition day at Khanty-Mansiysk. Yevgeni Ustyugov from Russia ranked 12th, Andrey MAkoveev finished 17th followed by Ivan Tcherezov, Anton Shipulin ranked 21st.

Ivan Tcherezov: I felt good at the start, despite the shooting error I did at the prone shooting. Then I tried to shoot faster at the standing shooting and did 2 more mistakes. All the rivals were within 30 seconds and we were highly motivated to shoot as fast as possible. I can't say I risked recklessly, I seemed to control everything, but it didn't work out completely. I felt far better today than in Sprint, I'm satisfied with my speed, but I repeat that 2 shooting errors prevented me from ranking higher. I'd like to start in the Individual race too, but we don't know who starts yet.

Yevgeni Ustyugov: My task today was to be as higher as possible. I started with a big gap and there were very strong athletes ahead of me, I had to shoot clean, which, I can confess, I didn't manage to. Although I felt better than in Sprint. The race was hard and hazardous, sometimes I worked faster than I could and so I had shooting problems. At the first shooting we were together with Ivan, who started shooting faster while I didn't hurry, because I knew that even one mistake would be much in such a situation. I can't say anything concrete about the next races, because by now I don't have enough points to start in the Mass-Start. I'll prepare for the Individual race still.

Andrey Makoveev: I made 2 annoying errors at the first shooting, thus I didn't have a chance to be higher than on the 5th place. Certainly I didn't stop competing, although those 2 mistakes disturbed me very much. I can't say I the 4th place in Sprint changed anything drastically. I felt confident both yesterday and today, there were no nerves. We are at home, here there are our families and everyone supports us and I felt better today than yesterday.

Anton Shipulin: My main task today was to work evenly, shoot well and try myself after my illness. I've still got some feeling of weakness, although I feel better today than in Sprint. I always train and recover step by step. I don't know if I start in the Individual race, it will be a coaches' decision. So I hope I'll enter the list for the Mass-Start.

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