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Ekaterina Yourlova — 7th in the individual race

On March, 9th the women's Individual was held in Khanty-Mansiysk. Yekaterina Yurlova was the best of the Russian team ranking 7th, Natalia Guseva finished on the 14th position, Ana Bogaliy-Titovets ranked 21st and Yana Romanova finished the race on the 37th place.
Yekaterina Yurlova: I can't say I'm too much upset. I've got shooting mistakes, but everyone had them in such weather. Someone was lucky not to shoot in a gust of wind and the others didn't have luck and made some 3 mistakes which is too much for an Individual competition. I tried to shoot more accurate because of wind. I'd like to have shot at the 30th target, since the coaches advised that it was not so windy at both targets 29 and 30. But I didn't managed, because it was occupied all the times I entered the shooting range. I'll prepare for other races, of course. I hope the coaches trust me to start in Relay. On the whole I'm happy I have competed here since it's a great experience for me.

Anna Bogaliy-Titovets: It's possible to adapt to any wind, but it was strange today, blowing from the right and from the left and from the back too. And it also changed the strength ad direction. I remember the same conditions at the Olympic Games at Salt Lake City. And it's almost always the same in Murmansk, where I spent my young years. Today all he athletes tried their best and the strongest had luck, so Helena Eckholm is the strongest today. There's always a person who shoots with a single mistake or even without mistakes. I didn't change tactics during the race, just worked with the wind, tried to catch the gusts and made corrections, but it was not enough. I wanted so much to compete today, to compete for the country, for the medals and I knew I could be higher if shooting clean. But the weather had its opinion, as usual, when the women compete it's windy and snowy.

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