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World Championship. Men's relay. Silver for Russia!

Russian squad of Anton Shipulin, Yevgeni Ustyugov, Maksim Maksimov and Ivan Tcherezov ranked second thus winning silver medals in men's Relay at the World Championships in Khanty-Mansiysk. Norwegians became World Champions and Ukrainians won bronze medals.

Anton Shipulin: I had a nice rest, but my physical condition is not the best yet. I lacked powers to make up with the gap at the last lap. I tried to catch up with the rivals and got completely exhausted. After the prone shooting I knew I had to ski fast, maybe that's why I did not have enough powers. Now I wish luck to the guys, I'll pray for them.

Yevgeni Ustyugov: Surprisingly, I was confident today in shooting both times. I didn't have that feeling of diffidence that lasted throughout the season. I caught up with the Swede and tried to go together with him. But then I saw he was not the fastest of my rivals, so I left him and went ahead. I worked in my own rhythm and even tried to accelerate a bit at the shooting to see what the rivals are capable of.

Maksim Maksimov: I can't say, which of the two medals is more important for me. I did my best in both races. The Relay is harder because it's not your personal responsibility and can't fail the teammates. But the medal in the Individual competition was mine 100%. I suppose no one expected any miracle from me, say, that I would outrun all the rivals or something of the kind. Fast shooting is my strong point. Yesterday I had a nice sparring with Aleksey Volkov and it worked out since I shot fast and clean at the standing shooting.

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