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World Championship. Women's mass start. Zaitseva in top-6

Women Mass Start was the last single race among women at the WCH 2011 in Khanty-Mansiysk. Olga Zaitseva finished agead of all her teammates on the 6th position. Yekaterina Yurlova ranked 15th and Anna Bogaliy-Titovets finished on the 23rd position.

Olga Zaitseva: I was very upset because I got ill and have to recover from that illness till now. It's no easy to enter the competition rhythm after an illness. Although, I felt good today and wanted to compete greatly. I can say that a 6th place is a good result after what I suffered.

Yekaterina Yurlova: I had a shooting error at each shooting today, which, I suppose, happened because of a strong will to perform well. It usually evokes thoughts that disturb you at the shooting range. I think it's the point of experience, the result will be better when I become more cold-minded. Today the emotions prevailed. Tomorrow in Relay we'll do other work with other attitude, since a Relay is a team responsibility. I don't have any doubts or fears, I believe in us.

Anna Bogaliy-Titovets: The race started no good for me, but I tried to forget about the falls and shoot clean. It was rather silly, you know, I skied to the turn at the flyover and several athletes fell down ahead of Olga Zaitseva and I. Olga managed to step aside and I didn't. Of course, when you fall behind, it's not so easy psychologically. I worked better at the 2nd lap, although I knew I had a big gap. About the Relay tomorrow I can say we must concentrate and do our best as we can. We had times when we approached important competitions in a worse comdition. We've got a big motivation!

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