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New teams, new coaches, new trainings

After the three-day meeting with the Polkovskiy's team and dozens of journalists' questions on the final press-conference, has summed up the first working days of the new coaching staff and found out who, where and when will train for the next season with the national team.

Where and when:

At the past meeting the Russian coaching staff has decided on the venues of the first training camps. The pre-season period men's and women's teams will spend separately from each other with different training plans.

With the new foreign specialist, the women's national team will be offered a new form of the trainings. The girls will spend two weeks in the joint training camp and a week on the home self-training program developed by the coaching staff.

The preliminary summer schedule for the men's team:

  1. Tyumen (15th of May — 28th of May)
  2. Finland — Vuokatti (7th of June — 27th of June)
  3. Estonia — Otepaa (7th of July — 27th of July)
  4. Austria — Obertillach (5th of August — 21st of August)
  5. Austria — Ramsau (21st of August — 29th of August)
  6. Tyumen (6th of September — 19th of September)

The preliminary summer schedule for the women's team:

  1. Cyprus (15th of May — 21st of May)
  2. Germany — Ruhpolding (21st of May — 5th of June)
  3. Germany — Ruhpolding (19th of June — 26th of June)
  4. Italy — Toblach (26th of June — 3rd of July)
  5. Germany — Ruhpolding (17th of July — 24th of July)
  6. France — Vornand (24th of July — 31st of July)
  7. Germany — Ruhpolding (14th of August — 28th of August)
  8. Tyumen (7th of September — 19th of September)


The coaching staff didn't think of the quantative matter while forming the pool of the athletes for the summer preparations — 10 women and 8 men were invited to the first training camp.

The women «A» team includes Anna Bogaliy-Titovets, Ekaterina Glazyrina, Ulyana Denisova, Olga Zaytseva, Yana Romanova, Evgenia Sedova, Svetlana Sleptsova, Natalia Sorokina, Anastasia Tokareva and Ekaterina Yurlova.

The men «A» team consists of Ivan Tcherezov, Evgeniy Ustyugov, Anton Shipulin, Maksim Maksimov, Andrey Makoveev, Alexey Volkov, Evgeniy Garanichev, Timofey Lapshin.

The first foreign coach in the history of the Russian biathlon Wolfgang Pichler will work in tandem with young and ambitious Pavel Rostovtsev, who is able to adopt the skills and experience of his colleague.

The Russian trio will lead the men's team — a proficient and competent Andrey Gerbulov, one of the best shooting coaches in Russia, will be accompanied by Nikolay Lopukhov — a skier with the great experience, and Andrey Padin — a specialist in the functional training invited from the reserve team.


POLKHOVSKIY Valeriy — head coach of the Russian national team

Date of birth — 11 August 1953, Chulym, Novosibirsk region

Master of Sports' candidate. Coach since the late 70th.

The first famous athlete trained by Polkhovskiy — the Olympic champion 1984 Sergey Bulygin

1992 — invited to work with the national team. Until 1998 worked together with Anatoliy Khovantsev in the men's team

1999 — left the Russian team and worked with the national team of China

2001 — coach of the Russian women team, worked as a head coach together with Alexander Selifonov till Dec 2007.

2009 — April 2011 — Head Coach of the Russian reserve team

Honored Coach of the USSR and Russia

GERBULOV Andrey — head coach of the men's «A» team

14/09/1960, Perm

Honored Coach of Russia

2001 — 2010 — shooting coache of the national team

Awarded with the Medal of the Order «For Merit to The Fatherland» 2nd Class (2010)

LOPUKHOV Nikolay — coach for the functional and technical trainings of the men's «A» team

28/02/1945, Zadonsk, Lipetsk region

Honored Coach of the USSR and Russia

1984 — 1993 — coach of the Russian ski team

1997 — 2008 — coach of the junior Russian ski teams

2008 — 2011 — coach of the experimental biathlon team «Sochi 2014»

PADIN Andrey — coach for the functional trainings of the men's «A» team


Master of Sport, International Class (European champion in sprint)

Graduated from the Chelyabinsk Institute for Physical Culture

Worked as a coach in Bashkortostan team

Honored Coach of Russia

From 2010 — coach of the junior national team

Wolfgang PICHLER — head coach of the women's «A» team

23/01/1953, Ruhpolding, Germany

Worked in the sport's center in Ruhpolding

1995 — was invited to the Swedish team and worked there until 2011. Under the Pichler's management the Swedish team had climbed up to the tops of the world championships and Olympics.

2007 — awarded for the achievements in Swedish biathlon

Two-time «Biathlon award» winner as the Best Coach of the year

ROSTOVTSEV Pavel — shooting coach of the women's «A» team

21/09/1971 Gus Khrustalny, Vladimir region

Honored Master of Sports, silver medalist of the Olympics 2006, three-time World Champion, had the second total place in the season 2001/2002

Awarded with the Medal of the Order «For Merit to The Fatherland» 2nd Class (2007)

Former head of the «Krasnoyarsk Biathlon Academy»

ZAGURSKIY Nikolay — head of the scientific group

14/05/1959, Shumskiy, Irkutsk region

Professor of the «Theory and Methods in the ski sport» department in Siberian State University of the Physical Culture and Sport

2001 — works with the Russian biathlon team

2003 — heads the scientific group of the team

KURAKIN Alexander — head coach of the reserve team

Honored worker of the Physical Culture, Russia (2007)

Honored Coach of Russia

Worked with the national women's team in 1994 — 1995, 1999 — 2001 as well as with the Poland team

From 2002 — coach of the junior and reserve teams

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