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Sergey Kushchenko celebrates his 50th birthday and receives greetings from all over the world. congratulates Sergey and publishes small part of the warm wishes, received today on the name of Mr. Kushchenko.

Sergey Ivanov, the deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Sergey Valentinovich, please accept the sincere greetings on your jubilee!

During the years of work for the national sport you have managed not only to promote a Russian basketball brand on the international arena and achieve the historical victories, but also to attract to the sport thousands of young talents. That happened with basketball, and I'm sure it will be repeated with biathlon!

Thanks to you, your searches and active energy the basketball Ural-Great and CSKA won their most important matches and the Russian biathlon Union has become one of the most successful federations, which works with the doubled energy no matter the victories or defeats are behind.

We wish you to stay as optimistic, cheerful and young as you are. Let the skis always run above 50, from the 5 targets 0 be missed, and the score of the favorite team's matches be 5–0!

David Stern, Commissioner NBA

Dear Sergey!

Happy Birthday from your many friends in NBA!!! We send a small token of our appreciation to your friendship and all you do to the game of basketball!



Anders Besseberg, the IBU President

On behalf of the International biathlon Union I congratulate the IBU first vice-president Sergey Kushchenko with his 50th birthday!

We wish you all the best not only on your birthday, but also for the next years. We all look forward to continue our close cooperation and constructive work for the benefit of biathlon.

Let the 27th of May be a wonderful day for you and your family!

Elena Dementyeva, Olympic Champion, tennis

Dear Sergey Valentinovich!

At the big anniversaries people usually say: «My years — my fortune». While congratulating you it's better to say «My deeds — my fortune!»

From all my heart I congratulate you on your 50th birthday and wish you to have no difficulties on your way to the new highs, and all what conceived to be realized!

Sergey Chepikov, two-time Olympic Champion, an acting member of the RBU Executive Board

From the bottom of my heart I congratulate Sergey Valentinovich with his Fiftieth birthday!

I wish him and his relatives a lot of health, luck and achievements in profession, and, of course, many victories and big progress to the whole Russian biathlon!

Ivan Tcherezov, two-time Olympic medalist, three-time World Champion

Dear Sergey Valentinovich!

On behalf of the whole Russian biathlon team I congratulate you with this important and crucial milestone of your life!

We wish you to work in biathlon with excitement and until the final victory, not to lose you grip in business, to enjoy the game, to relax on vacation with your family and to rock-n-roll in life!

Spend the next 50 years the same way you did it half a century!

Best regards,

Biathletes, coaches and staff of the national teams.

Olga Medvedtseva, two-time Olympic Champion

Dear Sergey Valentinovich!

While approaching the important range in the race every professional biathlete throws away all unimportant thoughts. At this moment he doesn't remember his fails and victories, disclaims all offences and vanity, feel no love or hate. If he manages to stay cool and sober-minded — he's perfect and closes all five targets!

I wish you to stay always cool and sober-minded on the most important ranges of your life and always leave them with «5–0»! The smiles of your happy children and warm of your family wait for you on the finish of every race!

Russian biathlon fans Union

Dear Sergey Valentinovich!

There is probably no any other judge of your work as strict and exacting as the biathlon fan. That's why, greeting you with your jubilee, we wish you to be wisdom while making the decisions, rigorous assessing your team and patient, when the voice of the fans criticizes!

Please, accept the best wishes from the Biathlon fans Union. Sometimes we don't understand the severity of your work and demand too much. Let you analytical work be the count of the gold medals, won by our athletes, and your list of achievements grow with every kilometer, run by the national team!

And of course every shot should hit the target!