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The first post-soviet biathlon textbook in Russian, children's rifle from Izhmekh and the RBU, a new president of the Moscow region biathlon federation Anfisa Rezsova, and modern coaching staff in Russia — almost lost in the flow of the news from the RBU Council, with the help of Konstantin Boytsov analyzes the final session, captures the most important themes and compares it with the previous RBU Councils.

Three Councils and one Conference have been organized since Mikhail Prokhorov headed the Russian biathlon Union. Every meeting of the biathlon family was accompanied by some landmark events. At the April 2009 Conference the members of the RBU Executive Board were elected. The strategy of the biathlon development till the year of 2020 was presented at the December 2009 Council meeting. In 2010 the participants discussed the children sport, education and common database «Russian biathlon».

— Mr. Prokhorov, could you compare the Council meeting today and two years ago?

— Take a look at the methodological handouts and compare them with what we had before. I think we now have much fewer emotions, but the constructive dialog. The speeches are well-prepared and the propositions are well-considered. That is what we tried to achieve from the first days of our work in biathlon.

At 15:00 Mikhail Prokhorov has started the session demanding the authors of the 9 planned speeches to be laconic.

The first speaker — a former head coach of the team and a current state coach Vladimir Barnashov — spend 15 minutes talking about the «Performance of the Russian biathletes at the international arena in the season 2010/2011». He had no additional questions to his report.

The regional news was also discussed — the RBU has offices in 48 Russian regions, now they are all busy with the re-registration and going through the accreditation. There are some progressive regions, but also those, where processes run not so quickly — Kaluga, Samara, Nizhniy Novgorod, Mariy El and St. Petersburg.

The Moscow region biathlon Federation was recently headed by the two-time Olympic winner Anfisa Reztsova. She took her work at the Council and asked for help with building at least one good biathlon center with stadium, frequently coming to Moscow members of the national team could also train at. Mikhail Prokhorov promised to work on this problem and charged the RBU vice president Vadim Melikhov to accumulate the specialists' opinions and make a decision on where to build the stadium.

As for the biathlon situation in St. Petersburg — the local federation was recently left without president; the new one hasn't been elected yet. Mr. Prokhorov promised to go there personally — «On the 5th of June I will go there and try to speed the process up.»

One of the most interesting speeches belonged to the deputy CEO Alexander Pak, who summarized what had been done during the last season:

— the RBU helped 18 sport schools with the equipment and inventories transferred for the total sum of 25 mln rubles

— the competitions «The best Russian biathlon school» and «The best coach» were held. The winners and finalists of the competitions were awarded with the bonuses and equipment for more than 2.7 mln rubles.

— the biathlon centers in 8 regions was equipped

— in collaboration with the Izhevsk mechanical plant the special rifle for the young biathletes was designed. The first 200 rifles are already in stock and will be soon handed to the regional sport schools.

The speech of Viktor Mamatov, the member of the Sport Ministry Expert Council was also very informative. He described the situation with the coaching staff in the country. There are 644 biathlon coaches in Russia, 456 of them are staff coaches, including 340 those with the higher education in physical culture. 13 505 biathletes of various ages train under their direction.

The RBU also presented the first post-soviet methodical biathlon book — the German book of the 1998 translated into Russian and edited by experienced Viktor Mamatov.

The RBU vice-president Vadim Melikhov prepared 3 topics concerning «the Russian competitions», «the competitions schedule for the 2011/2012 season» and «Sochi stadium development». The building of the Sochi stadium goes according to the schedule and the first testing competitions will be organized in February 2012. On the 3rd-8th of March the World cup should be organized in Sochi.

The head coach of the national team Valery Polkhovsky made a speech regarding «The organizing and methodical conception for the season and Sochi preparation». The most curious moments of his report — the team is advised to start pre-season trainings earlier (middle May) and finish season later (middle April), the teams of all levels will raise the trainings' intensity and work on the finish lap speed-up. The coaches also plan to improve the shooting techniques and increase the rotation between «A» and «B» teams.

Considering the above said we can conclude that Mr. Prokhorov was right saying that the constructive and factful components of the Council have increased dramatically. The reports and materials have become more interesting and informative — the Council handouts without any doubts will be useful during the season.

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