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Second time

Together with the summer equipment the men national team has got real football boots today. The team is about to leave for the second training camp in Voukatti, Finland. has visited today Adidas office, where the best country's biathletes equipped to talk and find out what biathletes need football boots for.

The men team starts June with the serious results — the first two-week training camp was held in Tyumen 15–28 May. After its finish athletes had a chance to go home and train there with accordance to the training plans composed by the coaches. But on the 5th of June everybody gathered again in Moscow for the check up and equipment.

«I spent my day offs away from home,» says Alexey Volkov. «I spent four days with my girlfriend in Chelyabinsk, two days in Khanty-Mansiysk and after that I've headed for Moscow. We have a busy schedule here — on Sunday we have had a full check up, today — equip and in the evening we are leaving for Finland.

To say the truth it's hard to imagine what trainings' intensity we will have in September-October. In Tyumen we had big training volumes — before we used to have the same trainings only by the end of June. In Tyumen every training lasted for at least three hours, we worked a lot on the endurance. Our coaches have already told us that we will have intensive trainings in Finland.»

The Finnish training camp will last for 20 days — one week longer than that in Tyumen. National teams «A» and «B» will depart together by train. Both teams are planned to train jointly till the end of November.

«The first training camp was perfect not taking into account one nuance,» Anton Shipulin shares his experience. — Because of the small injury of my hand I had to put aside a rifle for five days. But now everything is fine again, nothing bothers me. It is a little bit unusual to start trainings in the middle of May — late April I was just finishing the previous season.

The six days after the first training camp I spent home but didn't stop my trainings. Last Sunday we had a full check up - I handled to keep up for 15,5 minutes on treadmill, which is a very good result for me. We have only had one training camp by now. Trainings in Finland are ahead and we are all looking forward. By the way — together with our usual equipment we have got football boots. It's more interesting to play football now — there are 16 of us at the next training camp, enough people for two teams!»

Football boots are included to the equipment set of the national team for the first time. While talking to the Adidas manager boys jokingly mentioned that during the summer trainings they practice football even more than biathlon itself. The decision came up quickly — in 10 minutes every biathlete of the national team has got the pair of the football boots. Not only will a well-known soccer player Viktor Vasilyev play the game in a special boots but all the members of the team.

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