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Unclassified lab

First Russian ski treadmill, supermodern test chamber, rehabilitation rooms and apparatus for reaction speed estimation — the brand-new multidisciplinary laboratory for check-up and diagnosis of elite sportsmen was opened in Moscow. reports the details of the first official visit and reveals the members of the biathlon national team to visit the laboratory first.

The IBU first vice-president, RBU CEO Sergey Kushchenko together with Vice Prime Minister of Russia, president of the Olympic committee Alexander Zhukov and Deputy Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy Pavel Kolobkov have visited the Center for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation based on the Burnazyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center, Moscow.

The sport functionaries inspected the multidisciplinary laboratory. As of today 118 athletes from the Olympic team reserve have got the medical examination here. There are no any analogs of such a laboratory in Russia. All the functional indicators of the sportsmen health are examined in the laboratory, in particular concerning the heart-lungs bloc, blood oxygenation, metabolic processes in muscles and many others.C6E1C55970815227EDD1

Unique equipment, which is capable to imitate all stages of the training process, is located on the territory of a thousand square meters. The laboratory has a special ski-roller treadmill that fully imitates ski work and monitors sportsmen conditions. Earlier biathletes had to travel to Austria to have the same treadmill test.

«Our main goal is to show a descent level of the elite sport support program we have created,» comments the Head of the Federal Medical Biophysical Center Vladimir Uiba during the inspection of the unique laboratory. The FMBC specialists will work jointly with the experts from the leading institutions such as Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Sports Ministry and Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development. The generated technologies and athletes personal data will be processed and send to the national teams, so the training process could be adjusted accordingly.

In April 2010 the RBU and FMBC signed the agreement on cooperation and collaboration. The RBU was the first sport federation to sign the contract for the full medical-biological and health support for the national and reserve teams' sportsmen. The biathletes have had the full check up in the FMBC but have not been diagnosed in the new center yet. The RBU management planes to acquaint the teams' doctors, coaches and research group with the laboratory.


«What we have seen here is an absolutely unique sport laboratory, " shares his impressions the RBU CEO Sergey Kushchenko. «The first ski treadmill, test chamber with the temperature between minus 20 and plus 50, the huge amount of supermodern high-tech equipment — all this should help to analyze and specificate the sportsmen conditions. The results of this analysis will help to make a big step forward in the elite sportsmen trainings, where every detail worth its weight in gold. The main task now is to involve our research group, doctors and coaches to the work with the laboratory. Our key specialists should use the modern technologies offered by the government».

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