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Training sessions in rain or sunshine, floorball for relaxation and fight for the top-rated tennis player rank — everything is avalable for the women national B team. has visited the training camp in Otepaa, experienced the working and romantic atmosphere and made sure, that the biathletes from the second team are not going to yield to the A team sportsmen in any respect.


Bad weather is not the reason to cancel or postpone the training session. The biathletes are ready to work during a heavy rain and not going to wait for a fair weather. However the coaches have more comfort and use the umbrellas.


While the whole country is talking about the tension training Pichler gives to the A team, the B team does not want to yield to the team of the German coach. The biathletes have done they best in Otepaa. They have proved they are strong dealing with the intense training of 4 hours. After the training sessions the sportsmen were falling off their feet.


The slopes of the Otepaa's track could surprise an unprepared viewer. It seems no one can stand these sharp turns. However the Russian biathletes have handled this challenge. The hard training assures that the girls will run the hardest turns of the next season's tracks with the same lightness.


The coaches of the team understand well, it is psychologically hard to cope with the monotone yet intensive work. That is why they use games for the relaxation. Floorball is one of them. However one can only have some psychological relaxation as it is not an easy task to run two times 40 minutes each.


After the training sessions the biathletes fortify themselves with the protein-carbohydrates cocktails. One can never stand the exhausting training sessions without special sport nutrition.


On the first day off of the training camp Olga Vilukhina and Ekaterina Iorieva have decided to reveal the best tennis player of the Otepaa tennis courts. The struggle was persistent. The match was postponed for the next training camps because of the nightfall.


Anastasia Romanova has recently got married and changed her second name. From now on she will compete under the second name Zagoruiko. Incidentally Anastasia's husband is also related to biathlon. Now it is obvious that Anastasia is in the right hands.


Even the hardest training sessions could not take the girls' femininity away. After one of the trainings Olga Vilukhina picked the camomiles and decorated her hair with them. The romantic nature will not be vanished even after the hundreds kilometers on the rollerskis.

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