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Running together has witnessed the last training sessions of the women A team at the Toblach training camp and has noticed that Wolfgang Pichler trains as hard as his sportsmen, Pavel Rostovtsev adopts from the experienced German coach as many techniques as he can, and the Russian biathletes do all the hard work with the smiles.


At the German-Italian training camp the women A team has gathered at full strength for the first time this summer. Olga Zaytseva has joined the team on June 22. Olga has worked her first training camp by the lightened program to not to load her shoulder. The coaches hope she could soon work with the team in full force.


During the training session on the stadium the head coach Wolfgang Pichler has jumped and run equal to his sportsmen. The coach showed the biathletes the running and jumping exercises. The indefatigable energy of the German creates an incredibly productive atmosphere during the training session.
After the second training camp Wolfgang Pichler has openly complimented the coaching staff and the team. «The girls and the coaching staff do the excellent job. I see a high motivation in my sportsmen. The training staff also works smoothly. The team has everything that is needed — from the medicine to the management,» said the head women coach. The coaching tandem of Pichler and Rostovtsev works out smoothly. There is a big advantage for the whole Russian biathlon — the experienced German coach shares his secrets with Pavel Rostovtsev, who can later spread the international coaching methods throughout whole Russia.

The Russian team has easily got accustomed to the German punctuality. Wolfgang Pichler notices with pleasure that the girls start training session fully equipped without any postpones. has waited for the Russian biathletes and made sure the ladies have come in time.


The sportsmen enjoy the training no matter how hard it is. All the members of the national team realize that every exercise will pay off during the season. That is why they smile even while working with weights.

The legendary ball for the «Neuner kaput» exercise is always at hand. The task is to overtake and surpass the leading biathletes of the world. The Russian sportsmen are clear about this goal.
The monotone training days are diluted with the minutes spent with the family. Anna Bogaliy-Titovets is ready to remove mountains after meeting her son. The coaches understand well that the presence of the Family at the training camp could be very helpful for some of the athletes. The trainers do not mind that husbands and children come at the training camps together with sportsmen. The selftraining program is also important, as the sportsmen have a chance to see their families more often and avoid the homesickness.

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