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10 relevant questions. Gerbulov

The new hero of the «10 relevant questions» item is a head coach of the men team «Andrey Gerbulov. The team has just started a new training camp in Otepaa, while its coach has gave an interview to He has answered the questions regarding the Russian biathletes, his daughter, and revealed the easy way to quit smoking.

1. What is more important for biathlete — shooting or running?

Gerbulov: I think this question is familiar to all the people who work in biathlon — to sportsmen and coaches. I would say that for the sportsmen of the world cups' level both are important — skiing and shooting. Those who can shoot clean and fast, can ski fast will win. 30 years ago one could win just because of the clean shooting.

2. Whom is it more interesting to work with — the complaisant beginners or the experienced professionals who have they own view?

Gerbulov: The last year I worked with the beginners. I can say, that I notice really huge progress. The young biathletes make the exercises and participate in the competitions. They develop very quickly. The work with the sportsmen from the national team is done little by little. It is impossible to see the sharp progress here. The experienced athletes have their own opinion regarding the training process. I need to explain them most of the things. I need to persuade them that this work is needed, this work will bring the result.

3. How the international schools of the biathlon differ from the Russian school? What do you think?

Gerbulov: It is hard to say what the difference is. We see each other during the competition period. The exercises the foreign coaches give to the sportsmen are almost the same with those we give to our athletes. But of course, there is some difference. In the end one team shows the result, the other does not. I do not know how to answer this question explicitly.

4. Is it true that the modern Russian sportsmen are spoiled?

Gerbulov: During the last several weeks we spent together I did not noticed that anyone was spoiled. All the biathletes do the coaches' assignments. It is possible that we can have a discussion about the training, but I do not see that any of them is spoiled.

5. What is better — to be in charge only of the shooting or of the whole training process?

Gerbulov: I think that every coach should be responsible for his own work. It is hard to be an all-round coach, who can manage both the functional and shooting parts. There are narrow specialists, who are the professional. They can be responsible for the exercises they offer the athlete.

6. What is your most favorite biathlon site? And why do you like it?

Gerbulov: Without any doubts it is Oberhof. When you come to this place, you see that all the people, no matter how old they are, really enjoy biathlon. It is nice to see how the fans support the sportsmen during the race and how they relax after it. It is interesting to just be in this environment.

7. Which kind of the sportsmen do you like most — those who work hard for the result, or those who are talented and just need to be guided.

Gerbulov: From my experience I can say — there were no sportsmen who were so talented that they did not need to work hard. The time has changed — sportsmen should work hard to compete at the high level. And it is also true for the national team. Tcherezov, Ustyugov strive to improve, they work really hard.

8. How has it happened that you did not find any coach for you daughter?

Gerbulov: She is my own daughter… It is too early to send her away. She should be somewhere close. At 15 it is a little bit early to live the parents and go to the training camps.

9. We all remember how you went smoking in the pauses between the shooting during the competitions. When and why did you quit smoking?

Gerbulov: I have not been smoking for the year already. I quit right after the Olympics. I said that if we had the champion in the team I would have to quit smoking. I just quit. When you come to the world cups you meet just several smoking people. When you hold a cigarette everyone look at you as at an uneducated and bad-mannered person. Smoking is not popular anymore.

10. How was your year away from the team? Did you have vacations, were you nervous?

Gerbulov: I had a good time! I supported our sportsmen but was not too nervous. I understood that supporting other sports could also be interesting. I watch biathlon as a professional. It is interesting for example to support the figure skating. The world championship was in Moscow this year. One of my friends is Nina Mozer — she is a coach of Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov. They took a bronze medal. I was really happy for them.

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