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Katya’s poetry

In the video interview to one of the most creative and sensual biathletes of the Russian biathlon Ekaterina Yurlova talks about the beauty spots, poems and people's smiles. In the meantime, matching the Katya's mood Ruhpolding's rain gives way to a rainbow and a bright sun. Nature and poetry are in the video version of the interview.

Beauty spots

The places around out training camps and competitions are very beautiful. Ruhpolding is probably the best of those places. It might be hard to climb up to one of the local mountains, but once you have done it, you get a reward with a fantastic view of the tiny town. When you are up there you feel yourself omnipotent. I have never been to Ruhpolding in winter. Once I was in Ruhpolding, but it rained and there was virtually no snow. Given a good winter weather this town is a beautiful winter spot. I like winter that is why I like both winter and summer Ruhpolding.


I cannot force myself to write poetry. It is maybe not seen from the side, but inside I am very emotional by nature. I need an inspiration. I get most of the energy from positive people; from those people, familiar or not, who smile back to me. When person smiles he gives you a powerful positive charge, which can last for weeks or even months.

It happened several times, when some parts of my future poems came to my mind during the training sessions. After the training I thought of them in my room and in the end they turned into the good poetry.


I have never thought about what I miss in this life. Every day is scheduled minute-by-minute. I have no free time to sit down and look back. At the moment I have a beloved job I get a lot of fun from. The first book of my poetry comes out. I am happy that everything works out well. This is very important for me.

The full interview is available in video version

The biography, sport achievements and shooting statistics are available in her profile.

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