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At full stretch has visited the men team in Estonian Otepaa. In its reportage has noted the remarkable diligence of Evgeny Ustyugov, the phenomenal flexibility of Alexey Volkov, and the fact that the neighborhood of the ski-sprinters and Justina Kovalchik does not really disturbs our sportsmen to train at full stretch.


Team «B» the training session 15 minutes earlier — two teams of the same national team focused on the same task, but not every day they have the same training. Group of the perspective athletes, equipped to their necks, vigorously move to the shooting range. The two-hour shooting training session is ahead.


The team «B» is followed by the team «A». Even more variously — on the rollers — they go to the one of the sport complex's tracks. The boys are about to make several «round trips» at the six-kilometer section of the roller track. The distance is divided into different parts; each of them should be worked out with different techniques. All of these techniques have some special scientific names, but we use those we are used to, explains Nikolay Lopukhov, who is responsible for the functional training of the team «A».


Athletes also get the valuable advices during the training session. The coaches lead the sportsmen on track and adjust the training load. From the Lopukhov's advices and the sportsmen's comments has understood, that the task is to push as strong as they can to make the powerful job, but this task is not so hard to fulfill. The relaxed work is just a preparation for tomorrow's day off.


At the same time the other elite teams also train in Otepaa. The Russian biathletes have some serious company in Estonia — the men sprint cross-country team from Russia as well as the Olympic champion Justina Kovalchik, who has a self-training here. However it is not hard to fully focus on the job in Otepaa. The complex has several separate roller tracks. The famous sportsmen virtually do not see and do not hinder each other. It is so easy to feel oneself solitude at the track.


To celebrate the upcoming day off and the efficient training session, has gathered a bouquet of wild strawberries on the hills of the roller track and gave it to the athlete, who has distinguished himself during the training session. The Olympic champion Evgeny Ustyugov has run two extra kilometers either because of his forgetfulness or his diligence!


After giving the small gift to Evgeny, has almost rushed back to the hills for a second strawberry bouquet — on the lawn in front of the hotel Alexey Volkov was artistically making his stretching exercises! Alexey is the lithest sportsman of the national team. This is not the only photo of Alexey's exercises in our Photogallery!


Evgeny Tumashev (photo) Maria Baydina (text), RBU Media Office