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Evgenia Sedova: “There are many spies in Ruhpolding”

Half a year ago Evgenia Sedova successfully debuted at the World cup. Now she thinks about podiums and medals. Specially for Biathlonrus.con, Pavel Kopachev has talked to 25–years old biathlete about surprises from Pichler, comparisons with Noiner, lively temper, songs during the training sessions, tasteless porridge and cartoons mania.

About Pichler

Pichler has canceled his vacation for us. He planned to have a vacation by the sea, however, as Ekaterina Yurlova, Svetlana Sleptsova and I stayed in Ruhpolding between the training camps, Wolfgang said: «Vacations can wait, you cannot train without me!» We tried to dissuade him, but he objected: «That is impossible!»

He is busy with us every day. He likes to control everything, but it does not really disturb. Quite the contrary — when Wolfgang is absent, I try to catch sight of him. Can you imagine, I miss him! There is no one else to give an advice, to reproach, to commend.

Wolfgang speaks simple English. It is not hard to understand. When I do not catch the meaning, I can use my dictionary, translate it and remember. Basically, Katya Yurlova knows English and help with translation. Natalia Sorokina speaks good German.

Pichler likes one on one conversation. Especially when he notices, that one of the girls is upset after the training. He will come to you and explain: today you could not make it, you are tired, but tomorrow or in a week you will make it. We have really big loads. It cannot be always easy.

Sometimes it happens — you wake up and understand that today you will certainly fail to make all work. You come to Pichler to complain and he says: this is deceptive, you can and will do everything. Is there any other way? When the head coach runs, you just cannot stay aside. He cycles with us, he jumps, lifts the weights in the gym. Can you imagine — one or one and a half hours we cycle together. Pichler drives at the head of the group and manages to watch all of us, come back, give instructions.

Seriously, I got used to Ruhpolding. We feel here like home. But the spies are all around us! All local residents know Pichler well and they also know, that we train here. And sometimes the Germans really shock us. Recently we were cycling, and Natalia Sorokina's bike was broken. Wolfgang was ahead of us and we rushed after him to explain what happened. We caught him and he said: «Yes, I know.» How? It turned out that the Germans went buy, saw everything and told it to Pichler.

Pichler likes surprises. We went to the restaurant and the casino. Now he intrigued us totally. He says he has a great surprise for us and we will like it. We think that we will go for sky surfing. I am already scared!

About daily routine

We wake up early in the morning, usually at 6:30. Breakfast is at 7:00 — muesli, fried eggs, cheese, and sausages. Once, a chief tried to prepare the pottage, the same as we have in Russia. I can say, he did not make it. But I do not like pottage anyway. I need to literally push myself to eat it - the training sessions are hard and long. It is really hard to stand them if you do not eat in the morning.

The first training session starts at 8.00. Usually nobody is late. Wolfgang has already noticed, that our team has a perfect discipline, everything is done in time and clear. We come back home at 12.00. Exhausted! Then we have lunch and rest. Wolfgang says that we should have a long break between first and second training sessions.

Menu is also made up by Pichler. For lunch we have a digestible food — spaghetti, white brad, vegetables, and fruits. We also have an afternoon snack — coffee, tea, cacao, cappuccino with pies. There are always dried and fresh fruits on the table.

What would I like to eat seven times a week? Sushi of course! Besides, you would not believe me - I really want to eat smashed potato with mother's cutlets. Delicious! We could make it with the girls, but we only have one day off. Everybody wants to have a rest, we also need to wash our stuff.

During the cycling training sessions we entertain ourselves. Once we sang the children's songs, but usually we tell stories to each other. Wolfgang says — we need to be careful when we drive our bikes.

About herself and her family

I have not been home since May. After this training camp I plan to finally see my parents and sister. It is hard. Since I went to Cyprus I travel all this time. I miss them so much! Earlier I always visited my grandmother in the summer. This year I did not have a chance.

I live in Nefteyugansk. My parents moved here 10 years ago, so I could do in for sport and be concentrated on it. They sacrificed themselves for my carrier. My father is my first coach. My mother is also a coach, she works with small children and then hands them to my father. My younger sister is also a biathlete.

My family never criticizes me. Of course they are upset when something goes wrong. My dad tries not to watch the races with me, he worries. My mom and my sister mostly watch replays. They know the results and stay calm.

I have not been in the movie theater for a long time. You ask when the last time I was there… I think it was in May. We went with my sister to watch one cartoon. I like cartoons, fairytales and comedies. There are some movies I watched many times.

I would love to live close to the ocean, where it is always warm. I like to spend my vacation by the sea! I have already been to Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, and Turkey. I want to visit some faraway place, Goa, for example. But this year I do not really have time for this.

About her temper

I am a lively person. I do not like to do something for a long time. Sometimes it is hard in biathlon — you need to stop yourself at the shooting range, to be not harried, to work on the every shot and be concentrated. When I am in a hurry I miss. But I do not worry about my misses — I try to analyze them and not to make them again.

I just want to be myself. I do not want to imitate somebody. May be it is a little bit lite-minded, but I want to be better than everybody else. Even better than Noiner, but she is a major star now.

When I had my debut race in Holmenkollen, everybody congratulated me. My father said — it was so hard, but I wanted you to be in top-10. I did not really worry. My dream came true. Everything was so exciting! When I watched world cups at home, everything seemed to be so unreachable. But after I had competed in the first race, I was surprised. I made two laps with Tora Berger, I did not really lag behind.

It was my dream to train with the national team. This dream came true. I also dreamed of the world cups. I wanted to participate at least once, just to feel — how is it. This dream has also come true. Now I am part of the team and have other goals — to win the world championship, Olympic Games. It maybe sounds banal. Everybody dreams about it. But for now I have nothing else to dream of…

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