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Biathlon Open day

From Chita to Moscow — the first all-Russian Biathlon Open day project finished on August 31. More than 3000 people visited more than 40 schools all over the country, and about 300 fresh sportsmen, signed up for the training — those are the preliminary results of the project. With the big interest watched the project «Starting together» for two days and noticed the new rifles from the RBU president Mikhail Prokhorov, the armed strength of the sport school in Izhevsk, the record performance of Saratov, and the presence of the national teams' members in their lares and penates.

31 August

Moscow, Sports School #43

The project «Starting together!» finished in Moscow Sports School #43. The Honored coach of the USSR, prize-winner of the Olympic Games Alexander Privalov, and the members of the national team Andrey Makoveev and Timofey Lapshin held the biathlon master classes and autograph sessions. More than 100 people gathered to see the biathlon relays from the school's sportsmen. As the result, the school got 20 potential newcomers, who signed up for the testing training.

The main guests of the Moscow school were the president of the Russian Biathlon Union Mikhail Prokhorov and CEO Sergey Kushchenko. The RBU head presented to the school the new rifles MR-61, BI 7–5 and BI 7–4, as well as the new course books Biathlon, issued by the RBU in June 2011. In addition to the official program of the Open day Mikhail Prokhorov found time to talk to the young biathletes and their parents and answered all the questions from them.

«Such events attract the attention of the public to the present situation of the children sport in the country,» explains Mikhail Prokhorov to «Those parents, who invest to their children, make an exploit. Often the schools are not able to finance the nutrition and the equipment. This is the common misfortune of the majority of sports in our country. Together with the bodies of power we work on the solution of these problems. We all understand well, that without healthy children in well-equipped and well-supported schools we will have no champions!

Even the successful schools have their problems. They refer not only to the renovation of the facilities, but also to the qualification of the coaching staff and the system of training. The main accent of our program «The development of biathlon in Russia till 2020» is put on the development of the children biathlon. We have the long-term program of the maintenance supply, within the framework of which we equip and renovate the sports schools. But this is not enough. We will retrain and license the coaches. At the moment we do not have the rights for the licensing, but we are going to get them.

The important goal is ahead of us. We need to transform the system into the new quality condition. We have done a lot during the past two years. Perhaps it was imperceptible, but many of the changes were already integrated, and they will pay off later. Take a look at the new children rifle, which was designed and developed for the children biathlon. Many said it was impossible to make the rifle for young biathletes from the ordinary air rifle, but we did it.

Children sport is one of the priorities of the RBU work. There are always two ways to solve the global task — without risk and with slowly fall, or with experiments and responsibility and being the best. The first way is unacceptable, the second — is the only one that is right. There are many people who do nothing except talking; we are from those, who work quietly and systematically, just like a steamroller.»

Photo reportage

30 August

4:00 (Moscow time)

Chita, Zabaikalsky krai, Biathlon School


While the western part of Russia was still sleeping, the Open day started in the East of Russia. About 80 potential sportsmen visited the Central zabaikalskaya biathlon school in Chita. During the whole day the master classes, competitions and demonstration performance were held in the school.

«The majority of the potential biathletes came today with their parents,» comments the deputy director of the Chita school Larisa Bobyleva. «We organized several competitions and formed the mixed teams, so the each team consisted of the children, who already learned in our school and the newcomers. Master class was conducted by the shooting coach. The young people examined the rifles with a big interest and tried to shoot. The demonstration performance was held by the local biathletes, who competed in roller-skiing. Another 12 biathlon schools also hosted the Open day in Zabaikalsky krai today. The masters classes were organized everywhere. Today we started the admission of the children to our school. By the end of the day most of the parents showed the interest in giving their children to our school.»

7:00 (Moscow time)

Angarsk, Irkutsk


The main event of the Open day became an open training session of the biathletes from the local sports school. The biathletes of the senior group competed in a relay. The young sportsmen came with their friends. The potential sportsmen visited the Open day with their parents. The admission to the school starts in September, but everybody who was interested could get the all required information regarding the biathlon school's admission.

During the Open day in Angarsk, the organizers led the tour of the skiing-biathlon stadium, showed the equipment and presented the complex's development project.

Krasnoyarsk, Biathlon Academy


About 50 children had the chance to get to know better what the biathlon is during the Open day in Krasnoyarsk Biathlon Academy. In Krasnoyarsk the visitors could enjoy the relays, try the shooting training simulator SKAT and the rifles of Izhmash and Anschutz. The Olympic champion of Calgary Valery Medvedtsev and the Nagano Olympics Silver medal winner Olga Romasko organized the master classes. The coach of the national women team Pavel Rostovtsev also visited the Open day and told the children about his first steps in biathlon.

«About 50 people visited our school during the Open day,» says the director of the Biathlon Academy Konstantin Ivanov. «We told the children about the history of biathlon, showed them the equipment — rifles, skis and roller skis. Olga Romasko and Valery Medvedtsev held the master classes. For many of the visitors all this were new — many of them saw the special biathlon equipment for the first time.»

«Most of the children saw the biathlon only on TV, at the Open day they had the chance to try the rifle and biathlon equipment by themselves,» explains Valery Medvedtsev. «The local sportsmen — Dmitry Dyuzhev, Maksim Burtasov, Kirill Sherbakov, Alexander Shreider performed the demonstration training session. The coaches explained to the children how they show to the sportsmen their misses with the help of the special boards, and how they correct the shooting. There were also many other interesting things. We did not have such master classes when I was a child. We just visited the schools and chose role models for ourselves.»

8:00 (Moscow time)

Omsk, Sports School #13


40 children, that visited the Open day in Omsk had the chance to participate in a guided tour of the school and to see the demonstration performance of the sportsmen. The most vivid impression for children became a meeting with the national team member Yana Romanova.

«I told children about myself, about the beginning of my carrier in biathlon,» shares her experience Yana Romanova. «The children listened to me with the big interest and asked many questions. I tried to explain them that every person from every town can enter the national team — the main thing is to work hard. We came to an agreement that I will give the master class the next time I will be here. The dozens of kids, who are interested in biathlon, will be admitted today to the school.»

Kemerovo, Sports School

The sports school in Kemerovo restored the biathlon division only last December, and today 25 children and their parents visited its Open day. The visitors had the tour of the local biathlon stadium.

«Five children of those twenty five who came already expressed the wish to start training,» comments the coach of the school in Kemerovo Viktoria Svintsova. «The young biathletes from our school performed the master class for the guests. The most attention the boys and the girls paid to the shooting. Many of them were surprised with the fact that the targets of the different diameter are used in the shooting in the lying position and in the standing position.

Except for the master class we organized a tour of the school's and the shooting range's territory. We showed to your guests the entire infrastructure and shared the development plans. By the end of the day we came to the conclusion, that the experiment was successful and decided to organize one more Open day in the end of September. The school will be fully functional by that time, and we will take into the account the experience, that we obtained today.

9:00 (Moscow time)

Ekaterinburg, Sports school of the Verkh-Isetsky region

The coached, the junior biathletes and the member of the national team Ekaterina Glazyrina gathered at the shooting range of the sports school in Ekaterinburg.

«I can say that I really liked the event,» shares her experience Ekaterina Glazyrina. «The children, who came from the different schools asked me with the high interest how did I manage to become a member of the national team, which exercises do I need to do now, and which regime to follow. I answered all the questions with pleasure! I told them how the national team trained, which training camp we had this year.

My personal coach Valery Shitikov told the beginning biathletes about the history of biathlon and the major events in the development of our sport. After that we led the master class at the shooting range and showed the technique of the run at the roller-skis. The young sportsmen tried to shoot and skied. In the end I gave to everybody my autograph-cards. Best of all I liked the enthusiasm of the young sportsmen with which they participated in the suggested competitions.»

Novosibirsk, Biathlon Sports School Lokomotiv


The Olympic champions Sergey Tarasov and Anna Bogaliy-Titovets held the master class during the Open day in Novosibirsk. The light rain did not prevent the event from gathering together 100 children. The famous sportsmen and coaches showed the kids the sports school.

«The Open day in Novosibirsk visited the young sportsmen from the local biathlon school Lokomotiv,» says Anna Bogaliy-Titovets. «I held the master class for the children, explained the techniques of the shooting, about the sport regime, and many other actual trends of the training process. We even had the shooting duel together with the Olympic champion Sergey Tarasov. I hit all the five targets (smiles). The young sportsmen had many questions — they asked about the training of the national team, about the complications of the age-related change of the teams, about the right nutrition. I noticed, that despite their age, the kids ask very professional questions. This means, that all of them set only the highest goals. Generally, I really liked the idea of the Open day. I believe that we need to make biathlon more popular, and we need to start from children.»

10:00 (Moscow time)

Tyumen, Sports School #2

In Tyumen region the Open day were held in two sports schools — sports school #2 and sports school of Zavodoukovsk. The young fans of biathlon could attend the master class from to members of the national biathlon team — Maksim Maksimov and Evgeny Garanichev.

«I believe that if we organize such events every year, than the biathlon sports schools will get more and more young sportsmen, who can later become biathlon champions,» summarizes Maksim Maksimov. «I explained the difference between cross-country skiing and biathlon, and the features of the modern rifles. There were questions about the right shooting techniques and the right behavior at the shooting range. In the end I came to the conclusion that more and more people are interested in biathlon in our country. Now we need to attract the maximum number of children to the sports schools.»

Saratov, Sports School #3

Saratov is not the main biathlon region in Russia, but surprisingly for the project's organizers the sports school in Saratov got the biggest number of guests. The stadium Salyut hosted the Biathlon Open day today. The sports veterans as well as the pupils of the regular schools of the region participated in the event in addition to the sportsmen and the coaches of the sports school #3. About 500 people participated in the event.

The leading coaches and the biathlon veterans, the members of the USSR team were among them, told the quests about the history of the school and its victories. The member of the national junior team Alexander Loginov and his personal coach Ekaterina Khaliullina held the master class. The demonstration competition was organized as the shooting duels. Eight teams, composed from the sportsmen of the sports schools #3 and #4, and four teams, composed from the quests, participated in the competition.

In the end of the event the organizers awarded the best sportsmen of the season 2010–2011. More than 120 people signed up to the biathlon division of the school and were invited to the sports school #3 to have the first training.

Izhevsk, Biathlon School of Udmurtia

More than 140 people visited the Biathlon Open day in Udmurtia. Igor Krasnov, the minister of sport in the republic supported the project launched by the RBU. The Olympic champion Natalia Snytina also visited the sports complex this day.

Several master classes were organized for the guest of the event. The participants could see the laser rifles and the local MR-61. The young biathlon fans had the guided tour of the school's territory — swimming pool, gym, shooting gallery. The quests also visited the shooting rage of the stadium, which is under the construction at the moment.

The sportsmen of the Udmurtia team presented to the quests the biathlon souvenirs. By the end of the day the coaches of the beginning groups got more than 20 applications from the future biathletes.

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