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Top-10 events of September

Tcherezov's trauma at the Russian Summer Championship, Chudov's tough decision, Yaroshenko's comeback, transparent selection rules, presentation of Yurlova's collection of poetry and open day in the all biathlon schools of the country — special correspondent of Pavel Kopachev recalls the most vivid episodes of September. As extra bonus — the best photo of Pichler. As a general idea — a countdown to the winter season's start, only 58 days left.

Beginning of September — Open day

On the August 30th the biathlon started very confidently and correct — from the children sports schools. While many of the functionals are upset with the fact that less and less children are involved with the sport, the Russian Biathlon Union took the initiative in its own hands and organized the Open day. More than 3000 interested visitors, about 300 sign-ups in more than 40 schools all over the country — those are the main results of the project, which should now become annual and massive. The president of the RBU Mikhail Prokhorov presented the new rifles to the Moscow sports school 43, Pavel Rostovtsev, Valery Medvedtsev, Yana Romanova, Anna Bogaliy-Ttovets, Maksim Maksimov, etc. held the master-classes and gave thousands of autographs. The project «Starting together» is a good way to reach out to the hearts of the children and their parents.


Decision of September — Maxim Chudov will miss the season

A vigorous 40–minutes talk with Chudov by phone came in dissonance with the main thing — because of the spine's trauma Maxim will miss the next season. It is not even the fact that he will come back at all. «I do not want to make plans now. My back hurts even in the normal life. I talk to you and feel discomfort. I bend my neck, reach the chest with my chin and these all hurt. The inflammation is only one trouble. There are might be also displacement or micro hernias». Those are the main words of the big interview, after which no one can stay aside, but forgive Maxim all his failures. Sport or health — the life itself will decide for Maxim. We all need to hope. Get well, Max!


Lyrics of September — a presentation of the Ekaterina Yurlova's collection of poetry

Neuner knits, Domracheva snowboards, Tcherezov bikes, Sleptsova likes music, and Yurlova … write poems. Some specialists could see iambuses, trochees and other anapests in the poetry, but the fans will just read and wonder.

A collection «Waiting for summer» consists of the ten poems about sport, love and seasons. The whole soul of the sportsman is revealed in them. One just needs to read them to understand the feelings of the girl, travelling around the world cups trying not only to win medals but also to get some inspiration.


Progress of September — performance of the Russian youth team in Ruhpolding

The Russian youth team participated in the Open championship of Germany. It was an autumn check up at the foreign territory in the company of famous sportsmen. The international experience is of high importance, said many. This season the words are realized in the practice. Our youth team performed well — Burtasov was in top-10 of the individual race, Petrov was leading the race after the first shooting. The girls competed with Neuner. 2007 was the last year when out sportsmen participated in the championship. Valery Polkhovsky organized the women team's participation. Right after his come back to the team he revives the good tradition and implements the coaching conception of experience's exchange.


Loss of September — Ivan Tcherezov's trauma

September 22nd — a dark Thursday. Ufa. During the individual race of the Russian summer championship Ivan Tcherezov did not cope with his speed at the steep descent. He collapsed on the relaxed foot and the season was over in a second. Fractures of the both ankles, shin bone and the ankle displacement — are the Ivan's traumas. He was not complaining. Real men do not complain.

45–minutes surgery is behind, the prolonged rehabilitation is ahead. The main thing is to do everything smoothly. Tcherezov is needed for the Olympics 2014 in Sochi. We all ready to wait as long as it takes.


Breakthrough of September — clear selection criteria

This was main news of the off-season. And the main fail to study for biathletes, coaches and fans of the national team.

The rule is simple — there are three chances to get to the team — for December and for January world cups and for the world championship. The internal competitions are no longer useless.

After the summer championship Maxim Burtasov and Kirill Sherbakov got the chance to participate in the competition for the December world cups.

The new codex of the Russian biathlon is differs from the previous versions by its logic and transparence, but still contains the item «for the coaches' discretion». There should be no objections as there are heroes of this off-season who are well noticeable.


Achievement of September — three Golds of Yaroshenko at the Summer World Championship

34–year old Russian biathlete is really comeback after his two years' pause. Three victories at the summer championship in Nove Mesto (sprint, pursuit, mixed relay), the victory in the Russian championship's relay and the main thing — the cheerful emotions. 13th place of the mass-start can give some reason for discussions regarding the level of the world championship and the forced preparation, but does not spoil the general picture.

«I am really happy. I have a lot to do before I can become the part of the national team. But I am cheered up and I proved that I can win. My coach's trust helped me, he changed a pre-seasonal training. All the new methods were of great use,» reveals a secret of his victories Yaroshenko.

Interesting? Then you need to wait for the huge interview with Dmitry at soon.


Photo of September — Pichler in the bib «Trener»

Wolfgang Pichler is a head of the Russian women team for already half a year, but it is still unusual to see him in a colored bib with the big Cyrillic latters «Trener». It is also unusual to read so frank and sincere interviews of the German coach.


Innovation of September — the online broadcasting of the Russian championship for iPhones and iPads

After the last year's traditional online broadcasting from the Russian championship in Ufa, this year the RBU decided to introduce the new feature — i-products fans got the opportunity to watch online all the races of the championship in any place. For example in the Moscow's traffic jam.

The first broadcastings for iPads and iPhones were organized in a testing mode and without the proper PR campaign. Bit i-viewers say that they got the better translations' quality than the regular net's users.

If IBU does no miss the innovation step of the Russian colleagues the new territory could be occupied very soon.

The event of September — Russian championship in Ufa


The main biathlon stereotype is the phrase «the season starts in December» should be forgotten. The season continues the whole year. The Russian championship in September is a good opportunity to watch the main stars in the rollers' ammunition, and also to examine the seconds, misses, penalty loops, and to discuss future. It is very interesting to see Yana Romanova at the highest step of the pedestal (three times), to recall the smiles of Vilukhina and Iourieva, to reveal the birthday of junior Pechyonkin and to watch the new coaching staff.

The winter season starts in a less than two months. And now it is not boring at all…

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