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Sletsova, Ustyugov and Adidas

The biathletes of the Russian national team Svetlana Sleptsova and Evgeny Ustyugov were shot for the Adidas' advertisement company. The Olympic champions in biathlon are already at the all advertisement stands of the company's shops. Sport Express' columnist Evgeny Dzichkovsky examined the sponsors' field and figured out the global meaning of the event.

Svetlana Sleptsova and Evgeny Ustyugov were shot for the Adidas' advertisement company. We will not talk about the gain of the equipping companies. I visited the headquarters of Adidas in German Herzogenaurah during the development of their advertisement conception with Elena Isinbaeva. They know what they are doing there. They pull the right strings of our soles. Let us charm the primary audience groups number six, thirteen, and twenty one, and use four new groups of the goods, let us tear Numa and Pike!

The advantages for Sveta and Evgeny are also clear — the extra money, the posters and more of the media recognizability and attractiveness, as the makeup artists of such companies could not work bad.

But we are the people of biathlon, not a market. What we can get from these ads, except for the joy of the large-sized Ustyugov and Sleptsova? The individual sponsorships have already been in biathlon before. Biathlon is quite convenient for advertisement. There are not so many sportsmen in the national team. That is why their recognizability is high. Their faces and figures are always open as opposed to anything like a hockey. The popularity is high, the TV–ratings are high, the list of the goods, involved into the biathlon process is wide. Join and advertise!


What does Adidas change in all of this? I think, a lot. For the first time the foreign company used the Russian biathletes not only as the national team's members, capable of rising the ads' market by the fact only that they are in the team, but as the valuable stars with the vivid individual traits, country-wide famous. One of those traits is they are photogenic, another one — they are young. Choosing Ustyugov and Sleptsova the firms aim at the Sochi Olympics.

For the first time our stars can feel a personal responsibility for the purity of their names. The advertisement offered from a sponsor like this discipline you. You cannot run not fast enough or shoot not clean enough, it all means not get enough. No pharmaceutical scandals or scandals with the media are allowed. Svetlana and Evgeny, welcome to the big media world! Arm yourself with a patience and wisdom. Now you better to be friends with us, reporters.

For the first time the optimization question of sponsorship rises in front of the RBU. Only the world cups, world championships and Olympics have the high TV demand. But everything is already divided and shared there. The sportsmen's suits have no free place, IBU wants to get their money too. What is left? One can try selling the national championships and attract the personal sponsors. One should repeat the way of Neuner, Bjoerndalen, Sleptsova and Ustyugov, who opened the perspectives and challenges for thousands of other sportsmen.


What can we wait from this now?

At first, the answers from the Adidas' competitors. Someone will certainly show up and make its marketing move, using the other young and photogenic. We have lots of them.

At second, the big interest for the team from the other industries' companies. Playboy was trying to attract Neuner long time ago, but got the refusal. But the German producer of the underwear did not. May be not Playboy. There are lots of different types of clothes and its details, which can sit well at out biathlets. I would like to see that. Anyway, it will bring the same advantages to the Russian biathlon as the alliance of Sleptsova, Ustyugov and Adidas.

At third, we can wait for the Russian coaches to come out of the advertisement's closet. There is plenty of free room at their clothes. I am aware that the IBU have not thought in this direction yet.

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