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Fans' conference, Olga Zaytseva, Yana Romanova, Svetlana Sleptsova

To ask biathletes a question you do not need to be a journalist or travel far away for seldom meetings with your favorite biathlete. became a communicator between the national team's biathletes and their fans, and launched a new project «Fans' conference». Follow the RBU's news at Facebook, VKontakte and Twitter, leave your questions and receive your answers. In the first «Fans' conference» — Olga Zaytseva, Svetlana Sleptsova and Yana Romanova make a lot of jokes and tell whose dream was it to become a sewer in a childhood, whose happiness is in Pichler, and are there any biathletes from a Tsar's family in the national team.

Michael Bondarenko: Are not you tired from the training? I bet you want the winter starts to begin already?

Olga Zaytseva: Yes, I am tired a little bit. But I want to train more. I feel that I need it.

Yana Romanova: Yes, I am tired. We got used to the fact that after a Russian championship we had vacations and we had the chance to go to the see or home for 5 days. This year we had to go to Ruhpolding right away. It was hard. We are looking forward to the starts.

Svetlana Sleptsova: It is! I want to compete. A monotone everyday work is boring. I want to use it in competition.

Den Spasibo, Irina Jurevna Tatischeva: How would you evaluate your readiness in the percentage before the season's start? What are the pluses and minuses of your training with Pichler?

Olga Zaytseva: I can say, my shape is good. It is hard to evaluate it in percentage. Let us say, 60%. The minus of the Pichler's training is that it is very hard. But we all understand that we need these loads, without them we cannot show the result. The plus is that I can handle it.

Yana Romanova: I want to believe that it is 70%. I do not have my maximum for sure. We will have a training camp in Finland. Before the season I expect this figure to rise to 90%. The work with Picler differs from the work we did with the Russian coaches. Pichler contributed a lot to our training. I like it. It is not only me. All the team is happy with the new coach.

Svetlana Sleptsova: I do not want to evaluate anything right now. The winter starts will show our level. I cannot name any minuses of the work with Pichler. Perhaps we had only pluses. We have a completely new work with Wolfgang. He has the attitude to his work not only as a coach but also as a great psychologist.

Elena Burygina: Olga, what do you fell after the replacement of the coaching staff? (you are the most experienced member of the national team)

Olga Zaytseva: I feel that all the girls have a huge desire to train. They are all disciplined. I see their work. The training is hard, but we all just do it.

Marina Polyanskaya (Facebook): Olga, does your shoulder's trauma bother you?

Olga Zaytseva: Sometimes. But my overall condition is good.

Anya Belyuk, Michael Bondarenko, Irina Jurevna Tatischeva, Elena Burygina, Aidar Yakupov, Diana Guseva: What are your targets for the season? What is more important for you — the total position in the world cup or the medals of the world championship?

Olga Zaytseva: Let us leave the season's targets in my head. I can say that my tasks are high. The medal of the world championship has a high value for me, but the world cup's total is also important. I do not want to guess. Perhaps we do not win them because we are afraid.

Yana Romanova: It is hard to say. The first place on total is the proof that you were stably high during the whole season. You cannot win the overall world cup by chance. The Gold of the world championship is a gold medal. This has a high value. I do not to guess before the season, but I want to believe in the best. We try to concentrate at our work. If we do everything right, the success will come.

Svetlana Sleptsova: I think both of them. I always try to set myself for the maximum.

Kostya Lokhanov: How many medals do you plan to win at the Sochi Olympics?

Olga Zaytseva: Ten! I am kidding. Of course I want to win as many as possible.

Yana Romanova: It is an interesting question. There cannot be too many medals. That is why I want to win as many as possible.

Svetlana Sleptsova: There are six races at the Olympics. I plan to win six medals. More is better.


Anya Belyuk: How long do you plan to stay in biathlon?

Olga Zaytseva: Untill I am 50!

Yana Romanova: I want to prepare myself well for the Sochi Olympics and perform there good. Then I can finish my carrier.

Svetlana Sleptsova: Untill I am 30. But when I am 30, I may change my mind.

Nastya Kotsembova: Do you plan to participate in the «Champions' race»?

Olga Zaytseva: It is for the coaching staff to decide.

Yana Romanova: I would like to. I like the shows like this. Sometimes the fans have a higher interest for the races like this.

Svetlana Sleptsova: I plan. But I do not know if the organizers will call me. We will see.

Alexander Kot: Do you consider Chudov's, Tcherezov's and Maksimov's traumas as a bad luck? Or something else?

Olga Zaytseva: I think so. Everything can happen. I wish all of them to be back as soon as possible.

Yana Romanova: Such things happen in sport. It is pity that such strong biathletes left the team simultaneously. I am sure that they all will get back to biathlon. May be this forced vacations will only do best. I want to wish them to set themselves for the successful comeback.

Svetlana Sleptsova: Everything can happen, it is life. Any other sportsman can be on their place. But the things happened the way they happened. We want them to comeback soon.

Diana Guseva: Who among our junior and youth teams can you mark out?

Olga Zaytseva: It is hard for me to mark out anyone, we did not train together. If we talk about the young girls who compete with us, I can highlight Olga Vilukhina. Earlier she had a slump, but now she is back.

Yana Romanova: I did not watch closely the junior competitions. I cannot be objective answering this question.

Svetlana Sleptsova: Alexander Pechyonkin was great at the Russian championship in Ufa. If we talk about the women, I want that everything work out for Olga Vilukhina and Olga Galich.

Dmitry Cheremnykh, Katerina Protsenyuk: Why sport? Not a science, not a business, but sport? Why did you choose biathlon?

Olga Zaytseva: The life did it. I do what I really like.

Yana Romanova: It was an accident. I tried and I liked it. When everything started to work out I began to enjoy it. When I finished my school I did not have any doubts, that I want to continue with a biathlon at the higher level.

Svetlana Sleptsova: I started with biathlon when I was a kid. To start business or politic — I did not think of it in a third grade.

Dmitry Cheremnykh: If it would not be summer or winter biathlon, what would it be?

Olga Zaytseva: I think I would choose some kind of a playing sport.

Yana Romanova: I like swimming. However, I do not think I am capable of doing the monotonous work for a long time.

Svetlana Sleptsova: Tennis.

Katerina Protsenyuk, Dasha Kevin, Diana Guseva: Do you have interest for the other kinds of sport?

Olga Zaytseva: I cannot say that I am really interested in any other kind of sports. I am not a fan. But if I watch anything I always worry for the sportsmen from our country.

Yana Romanova: I really like football. I do not follow it constantly as the other fans do. But the important start like world championships and Europe I always watch with a big interest. Earlier during the training camps I always played football with a high pleasure.

Svetlana Sleptsova: Ski jumping, hockey, tennis, athletics.

Katerina Protsenyuk: Which lesson did you learn from biathlon?

Olga Zaytseva: I am more organized, disciplined and patient.

Yana Romanova: The sport taught me that you need to be organized all your life. When you have a determined target it is easier to reach it. Some people lack concentration on some details in their lives. Sport and biathlon teach this.

Svetlana Sleptsova: Patience.

Anya Belyuk: What are your relations with the biathletes from the other countries?

Olga Zaytseva: We smile to each other and say: «Hi»

Yana Romanova: The biathletes from our team try to maintain a contact with the sportsmen from the other countries. As for me, I do not have any special relationships with the foreign biathletes. I am really careful with the sportsmen from the other countries. However I understand that this will bring only positive not only in sport but also in my life. I need to work on it.

Svetlana Sleptsova: We communicate well with men and with women.

Irina Jurevna Tatischeva: Sveta, do you communicate with Tarjei Boe?

Svetlana Sleptsova: Yes, but not often. We right each other sms, congratulate with the birthdays. But we did not chat long ago.


Anya Zykova, Elena Burygina: What helps you when you do not have any desire to work?

Olga Zaytseva: I am just doing a break and have a rest for a while.

Yana Romanova: I realize that I gave 100 years to biathlon. It is not so easy quit after you gave so much strength. Every person and sportsmen have some troubles in their lives. But only those who move forward overcome their. Desire to be the best makes you work. My fans also help me to cope with this.

Svetlana Sleptsova: The right question — not what but who. The answer is Pichler helps!

Diana Guseva: Sveta, what is happiness for you?

Svetlana Sleptsova: It is a hard question. I will say Pichler!!! )))

Nastya Kotsemba: What is a main thing for you in life?

Olga Zaytseva: The main thing is to live that you enjoy your life. You need to enjoy your work. It is not so easy, but we all need to strive for it. It is important that inside you everything is calm and harmonious.

Svetlana Sleptsova: Love

Diana Guseva: Yana, what is your dream?

Yana Romanova: My dream is to get my maximum in sport, to become an Olympic champion. I gave so many years to sport. I want to finish my carrier and to be satisfied. When I am finished I want to think that only good is behind of me in my sports carrier. You spent there 17 years and got your maximum. There is nothing higher than an Olympic champion's title. You can only be several-time Olympic champion. It is very important for every sportsman. Many strong sportsmen could not do it. And this is perhaps hard. I do not want to feel it and regret after my carrier's end.

Anya Zykova: What is more important for biathlon — a cold head or fast legs?

Olga Zaytseva: Both factors have equal importance.

Yana Romanova: The combination of these two is important. The essence of biathlon is in it.

Svetlana Slaptsova: A cold head.

Denis Varfolomeev: Girls, who is your idol or whose examples do you follow?

Olga Zaytseva: An idol is not really the right word. When I was a little girl I had a picture of the French biathlete Ann Briann. I really liked this sportsman. Magdalena Forsberg was also great for me. I did not only judge just by their sports' results. I had some kind of an overall perception of these sportsmen. Perhaps if I had a chance to talk to them I would change it. And of course a great example to follow is Bjoerndalen. I also respect Fischer, Lyuk, Tchepikov. I can name many others.

Yana Romanova: Bjoerndalen was always my idol. He continues to improve himself despite of his high level. Even now, when no everything works out he continues to work on the nuances, on which nobody else works. He makes his most.

Svetlana Sleptsova: I think there can be no idols at my age. But there are people I have a huge respect for. When I was a young sportsman I admired Ekaterina Dafovska. Now she is more a friend to me than an idol.

Den Spasibo: Are you ready to give your podium away to the teammates who did not win before in the races where you will compete really close to each other?

Olga Zaytseva: The world championship showed that I can let my place to the team's partner. In the pursuit I gave Anna Bogaliy-Titovets to outrun me. She needed scores for a mass-start. It all depends on the situation. Perhaps after two gold medals I could do something like that.

Yana Romanova: Sportsmen are very ambitious. I do not think something like this is possible. Perhaps if I win two gold medals in a row I could be fine with Silver, if my friend gets Gold.

Svetlana Sleptsova: I would not give it away. It is sport!

Katenka Katyusha: What flowers is your favorite?

Olga Zaytseva: I like tulips.

Yana Romanova: Roses and tulips.

Svetlana Sleptsova: Snowdrops.

Jasmin Jasminka: How is important the support of your fans during the world cups for you?

Olga Zaytseva: It is always a pleasure to see Russians at the world cups. It is very important for us to see the fans supporting us at the world cups.

Yana Romanova: Of course it is important. If you feel tired during the races but see people who support you, then you understand that you need to find strength and show the result.

Svetlana Sleptsova: Very important. We always want to feel that you have frank fans. I need to understand that I make someone happy with my victories. I like to feel that the whole country is behind my back. This feeling makes you to make everything from yourself.

Vladimir Nikolaev, Maxim Aliev: Olya, are fans allowed to talk to the sportsmen during the world cups this season? May ask for your autograph-card at the world cup in Ostersund?

Olga Zaytseva: It is possible to talk to us during the world cups. You just need to find a right time. If a sportsman feels good after the race and changed his close, then there are no problems.

Aigul Shaikhutdinova: Sveta, do you visit a Facebook page addressed to you?

Svetlana Sleptsova: I visit, but really seldom. Unfortunately, I do not have so much free time as I wish.

Nastya Kotsembova: Olga, do you visit any groups or pages dedicated to you?

Olga Zaytseva: I am registered only in Odnoklassniki and Twitter. But I visit them rarely. I write only when I have mood for it.

Marina Polyanskaya: Olga how is your great son doing?

Olga Zaytseva: My great son is doing great! Everything is fine.

Anastasia Knyazeva: Olga, do you plan your son to join skiing or biathlon?

Olga Zaytseva: He is very active. He likes everything and he can do everything. I think he will choose something for him. I am not planning to make him doing sport.

Diana Guseva: Olga, who were you planning to become in your childhood?

Olga Zaytseva: I dreamed to become a sewer. ))) I also liked animals. That is why I wanted to choose a specialty so I could help them.

Yulia Likhosherst: Sveta, what is your favorite world cup and race?

Svetlana Sleptsova: My favorite cup is Oberhof. The favorite races — mass-start and relay.

Yulia Likhosherst: What are letters O.L.M. on Sveta's official site mean?

Svetlana Sleptsova: It is a secret.

Tanya Simakova: Yana, the past season was not successful for you. There were lots of critics regarding you in media. How you and your close people react to this?

Yana Romanova: I try to analyze everything what has to do with me and the national team. You can find something useful even in critics. But sometimes I feel so high anger, which is more related to the personal animosity than to the professional attitude. I try to ignore such comments or use humor. One can always find something funny in such comments. We are good in this lately.

Tanya Simakova: You second name is very famous. Have you ever interested in the genealogy of your family?

Yana Romanova: Yes, I did. I have nothing to do with those Romanovs.

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