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Russian team's blog. Valery Polkhovsky

One month before the season's start announces the launch of the new project — «National team's blog». The main stars of the country's national team will narrate about the national team's life. Exercising his rights as a head coach Valery Polkhovsky opens a «National team's blog» and tells about the immediate plans of the team, changes in the compositions of the A and B teams, Dmitry Yaroshenko's vacation and selection starts in Shushen:

«Hello, dear biathlon fans! I greet you from Yakutia, where all the men's teams have a training camp. The best conditions for a training camp were created here in Neryungri — we have a wonderful gym and a good sports complex here. During the entire training camp we had no frustrations of the coaching staff's plans. However we strived to keep the snow. The organizers delivered it by the cars. But taking into account the fact, that the whole Europe is experiencing the problems with a snow, in the third decade we had a very good snow here in Yakutia. I do not think we could find a better place with a natural snow for a training camp.

It is obvious that we lack the experience sportsmen like Ivan Tcherezov, Maxim Chudov and Maksim Maksimov in the men's team. We wish them to come back to the team as soon as possible! For a moment we made some changes in the compositions of the teams A and B - Vladimir Semakov and Sergey Klyachin were transfered to the team A for a training camp in Yakutia.

On November 3rd and 5th the regional tournament «Yakutia's cup» will take place in Neryungri. The biathletes of the national team will participate in the competition. The ski race is scheduled for November 3rd, and a 10–km sprint race — for November 5th. On November 6th the men's teams A and B will fly from Yakutia to Moscow. On November 11th they all will travel to Norwegian Shushen.

The girls of the team A are in Muonio, where they have a training camp. On November 1st the team B will join them. We talk to the coaches of the team A Pavel Rostovtsev and Wolfgang Pichler every day. There is an above-zero temperature in Muonio, a good artificial snow covers a 2,7–km lap. The training process is in full swing. In the nearest days cold weather should come to Muonio.

On November 8–9 the composition of the women's teams for a World cups and an IBU cup will be determined in Muonio. The men's teams will be staffed after the selection starts in Shushen on November 18–20. The selection will be made with accordance of the 4 races results at the Russian championship, as well as the results of the sprint and mass-start at the control starts in Muonio and Shushen.

Maxim Burtasov and Kirill Sherbakov, who took the place in the top-5 list of the Russian championship, will also participate in these starts. A member of a youth team Burtasov will train with the A and B teams from the first day of the training camp in Shushen. A coach of the Krasnoyarsk's team will make decisions upon the training schedule of Sherbakov.

The coaching staff of the national team decided to include Dmitry Yaroshenko to the list of the sportsmen competing in Shushen. He demonstrated a good performance during the Summer World championship and was fast during the mass-start at the Russian championship in Ufa. We have no right to rule him out.

That is all I wanted to say. Let us support the Russian team, and we will do everything to make you happy with our results during the whole season. Good bye!»

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