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Top-10 events of October

Biathlon faces at the Adidas' posters, accreditation from the Sport Ministry, amnesty for Iourieva and Yaroshenko, and Tcherezov's rehabilitation in the USA. A special correspondent of Vyacheslav Sambur recalls the most vivid Ocober's events. A snow in Neryungri and a swimming pool of Pichler are the bonuses. The general idea is a countdown: 25 days are left before the season's start.


Faces of October — Sleptsova and Ustyugov

One can see Svetlana Sleptsova and Evgeny Ustyugov at the Adidas' posters. The most famous members of the Russian team became the biathlon faces of the famous equip company, participated in the photo sessions, and made the way. Where? May be to civilization, if we speak figuratively. A new level according to the several parameters and a new life according to the several aspects — there is no place for the habits and manners of an «old school» biathlon. Welcome, Evgeny and Sveta!

Progress of October — the RBU got the accreditation from the Sport Ministry

It is not a formality and not a minor thing. An official quotation: The Russian Biathlon Union «is accredited and invested with the status of an All-Russian sports organization in biathlon for the four years term.»

The most prestigious things are the terms and the speed. The RBU was among the first (together with the federations of basketball, speed skating and athletics) who had no complaints, justified the trust, and so on. The RBU is among the leaders for in the list of the Sport Ministry.

Conversation of October — the national team contacts the fans

The fans missed their beloved sportsmen during this off-season. And the sportsmen have obviously also missed their supporters and met their fans.

Andrey Makoveev and Evgeny Ustyugov did it together; they talked to the fans and signed everything they could have seen. Later Svetlana Sleptsova held a special briefing, signed hundreds of the autograph-cards and in the end of the month accompanied Olga Zaytseva and Yana Romanova in the «Fans' conference». The RBU used his all interactive powers to give the chance to the fans from all over the country to talk to the girls. The questions came from VKontakte, Twitter and Facebook. Everyone enjoyed it. To be continued.


Photo and video of October — snow in Yakutia, Pichler and his swimming pool

The men's teams A and B and the women's team B waited for a snow in Yakutia very long. A snow finally came, season is close.

In Ruhpolding, a Wolfgang Pichler's home, and a second home for his sportsmen was warm. The weather suits for swimming, decided our German boss and dived into the private, always flowing swimming pool.

Rehabilitation of October — Tcherezov in the USA

A severe trauma of Ivan Tcherezov canceled his season already in September. Now he needs a smart and qualitative rehabilitation. According to Sergey Kushchenko quality of it is more important than the time frames. The SEO of the RBU was supported by many others.

One of the strongest biathletes of the team was transfer over the Ocean to New York, where the best specialists developed the individual rehabilitation program for Ivan. It worse trusting to these doctors, at least Michel Phelps, Pit Sampras and Andre Agassi can prove it.

Transfer of October — Klyachin and Semakov in the team A

A cascade of the men's team A members' traumas made the strongest optimists to frown. Ivan Tcherezov and Maxim Chudov could not help the team in winter. Maksim Maksimov is in the hospital for a third week. The situation is extreme. Valery Polkhovsky adds the young sportsmen to the Gerbulov's team. Sergey Klyachin, 25, has never participated in the world cup. Vladimir Semakov, 26, tried it once but not successfully. Good luck to the guys!


Decision of October — amnesty for Iourieva and Yaroshenko

After the disqualification the biathletes have finally got the chance to participate in the Sochi Olympic Games. The case was under consideration for almost two years. The all possible resources were used. The Americans worked so hard on their athlete's case, so they helped the dozen of the other similar sportsmen. Those of you who heard the voices of Iourieva and Yaroshenko on October 6th will understand — to participate in the Sochi Olympics is their common dream. They trained at the Russian championship. Yaroshenko managed to win all the gold medals at the summer world championship. Now they both train for the selection starts for a world cup.

Words of the month — Pavel Rostovtsev's interview

A coach of the women's team, an assistant to Wolfgnag Pichler, a well-known racer Rostovtsev gives his interview not often but always hits the nail on the head. «There is a one advantage in sport — you can prove your words with your results.»

Podium of October — RBU and Twitter

The Russian Biathlon Union took the second place in the rating of the sports organization using Twitter, according to the official registers of the social net. Only Sochi-2014 is ahead. There are more than 7000 of us! Join!

Key date — 25 days before the season's start

For the major Medias and the most of the audience the season starts in Ostersund on November 30th. However the curtains will be raised earlier in the same Sweden with the other decorations and staff. On November 26th the sprint races of the first IBU cup will take place In Idre. Biathlon will start there!

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