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The victorious third world cup in Hochfilzen ended positively for the Russian team. Olga Zaytseva, Olga Vilukhina, Alexey Volkov and Anton Shipulin won the gold medal in the mixed relay. Vilukhina's fight, confident skiing of Zaytseva, superfast shooting of Volkov and the triumphal finish of Shipulin are in the photo reportage of


This race was the first mixed relay in this year and closed the program of the third world cup in Hochfilzen. Olga Vilukhina, Olga Zaytseva, Alexey Volkov and Anton Shipulin competed for the Russian team. Vilukhina started the race rushing to the attack and taking the lead right away. Later she gave up the leadership, passing the baton to Zaytseva at the eighth position.


The main hero of the third cup and the whole beginning of the season Zaytseva led her leg coolly and started to win back the positions. The confident shooting and good speed played their roles — Olga finished first, bringing 7 seconds of advantage to Alexey Volkov.


For the first two laps the competitors did not let Volkov go, chasing him closely. At the second shooting range the speed and accuracy of the Volkov's shooting amazed even the specialists and the experienced fans. Later Volkov will explain his confident shooting with the psychological stability and skills of concentrating in the important moments. Alexey almost flew at the last lap and sent Anton Shipulin to the last leg alone. Simon Fourcade from France started his leg only 27 seconds later.


The blameless skiing time and shooting of Shipulin secured the first place of the Russian team and the third victory of the third world cup in Hochfilzen. Anton confessed that it was not easy for him to realize that he would finish the relay. «Now I understand those guys who run the last leg. This is very difficult from the emotional side. This is a great responsibility to finish the relay. But when you win you experience such a great moment of happiness, it is impossible to compare it with anything else,» said the biathlete after the finish.


This victory in the mixed relay became the first victory after the year of 2006. Russia matched the German and Norwegian teams in terms of the number of the gold medals. Each of the teams has three victories in the mixed relay. The Russian team rose to the first place in the both ratings — women and men — of the national cups.


The third world cup in Hochfilzen became one of the most successful in the history of the Russian team. In 2007 the team won three gold medals during the world cup in Oberhof. Two years later in Pokljuka the Russian team surpassed this result winning four gold medals. We congratulate all the fans with the wonderful performance of the Russian team in Hochfilzen!

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