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Women games

The women individual race of the «Izhevsk Rifle» competition too place on December 22nd at the renovated Demidov's complex in Izhevsk. The disappeared from the track «hop!», complains of the strongest athletes about the bad health conditions, and the happy prize-winners at the victory ceremony are in the photo reportage of


The new look of the Izhevsk stadium became a surprise. After the race the sportsmen shared their experience: «Earlier we had to run and constantly shout «Hop!» in order to outrun someone. Now the track is wide, it is easy to leave somebody behind.»


Yana Romanova took the gold medal of the competition. Daria Virolainen won the silver medal, and Anna Bulygina — bronze. At the press-conference after the race Yana and Daria complained about their bad health conditions, and confessed they thought about missing the race. Anna Bulygina made jokes and told: «If you would not participate, I could win.» Those are the women games.


There was nothing surprising in Romanova's Gold and Bulygina's Bronze, but the silver medal of Virolainen surprised many people. But one needs to remember that Virolaininen celebrated the victory in the individual race of the Russian cup in Perm. It looks like the biathlete, born in 1989, has digested the big workload of the team B summer preparation and has a good shape now.


The first vice-president of the IBU and the RBU's CEO Sergey Kushchenko and the Sport Minister of Udmurtia Igor Krasnov handled the prizes at the victory ceremony. The managers discussed the issues of the biathlon development in the region. Udmurtia has the long roots of the biathlon traditions, great school and famous sportsmen. The renovated stadium is one of the proofs that the republic is paying more and more attention to biathlon.

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