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Yana Romanova and Andrey Makoveev participated in the Christmas race

Carl Johan Bergman and Kaisa Makarainen celebrated the victory in the Christmas race, which took place in German Gelzenkirchen on Thursday. Debut of Yana Romanova and Andrey Makoveev at the football «Feltins-Arena» turned out to be unlucky — the Russians finished the race at the last place.

20 sportsmen from 9 European countries competed for the victory in the Christmas race. Germany had two teams, one of the duets was international, winning the race later.

Participants of the competition: Helena Ekholm/Bjoern Ferry (Sweden), Kaisa Makarainen/Carl Johan Bergman (Finland/Sweden), Selina Gasparin/Benjamin Weger (Switzerland), Iris Waldhuber/Christoph Sumann (Austria), Marie Laure Brunet/Vincent Jay (France), Yana Romanova/Andrey Makoveev (Russia), Michela Ponza/Lukas Hofer (Italy), Valya Semerenko/Sergey Sednev (Ukraine), Andrea Henkel/Michael Greis (Germany), Franziska Hildebrand/Andreas Birnbacher (Germany).

The competition started with the mass start, after which the places for the following pursuit race were determined. The Russian team had the problems with shooting starting from the first lap — Yana Romanova missed twice and ran the penalty loops, at the second shooting range Yana made three mistakes and passed the baton to Makoveev at the last place. Andrey also failed to shoot clean, making three mistakes at his first shooting. Overall they made 10 shooting mistakes.

The Russian team managed to outstrip the team of Switzerland and placed 9th, losing almost two minutes to the leaders — Ekholm and Ferry.

The maximal gap from the leaders in the pursuit could not be more than 45 seconds, which is why Henkel/Greis, Romanova/Makoveev and Gasparin/Weger started the race together. The Russian biathletes could not improve their shooting and missed 11 times, finishing at the last place.

The fight for the victory lasted till the last lap. Swedish, French and Ukrainian teams were among the leaders. Bergman outran Sednev at the last lap, Ekholm and Ferry took Bronze.

The coach of the Russian team Andrey Padin commented on the performance of Romanova and Makoveev:

«I think they failed to cope with their emotions — a huge stadium, many fans… Those misses I can explain only by their emotions. The zeroing and the duel shooting were great, but the race was not great from the first lap. The weather was ideal here, organization was great. Andrey and Yana were optimistic before the race, but some minor things influenced the result.»

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