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Anna Bulygina won the sprint race of the fourth IBU cup in Forni Avoltri

The women's sprint race of the fourth IBU cup took place on January 8th in Italian Forni Avoltri. Anna Bulygina shot clean and won the gold medal, outstripping the closest competitor — Nadine Horchler from Germany — by 56.2 seconds. Another Russian sportsman — Marina Korovina — finished at the third place. Yana Romanova with two misses ended the race in top-10.

IBU cup. Forni Avoltri. Sprint. Women

1. Anna Bulygina (Russia) — 23:33.5 (0).

2. Nadine Horchler (Germany) +56.2 (0).

3. Marina Korovina (Russia) +1:08.1 (2)…

6. Yana Romanova (Russia) +1:34.4 (2)…

11. Natalia Sorokina (Russia) +1:49.3 (1)…

31. Uliana Denisova (Russia) +2:35.3 (4)…

50. Anna Suraeva (Russia) +3:12.3 (3).

Anna Bulygina: «My form is far from being perfect, but I feel progress»

The men's sprint wil start at 13:00 (GMT+1). Alexey Trusov will start the race under the 11th number, Maxim Burtasov — 31st, Sergey Klyachin — 55th, Sergey Korastylev — 84th, Dmitry Yaroshenko — 111th, Evgeny Boyarskikh — 122nd.

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