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Think of every athlete, support the team!

Counting down days and hours before the major sport event of the year, biathletes of the Russian team have interrupted their training to say the words of support to their friends and colleagues from summer sports. On the eve of the Olympic Games Russian biathletes promise to support every sportsman with all their heart – Zaitseva will support Borvakovsky, Vilukhina – Kaniskina, Shipulin – Isinbaeva, Garanichev – Kanaeva, Sleptsova – Sharapova, and all together — the Russian team at the Summer Olympic Games in London. publishes exclusive video and promises together with the biathletes to think of every athlete and support the whole team!

Anna Bulygina: “I will support Aliya Mustafina (artistic gymnast). I admire this young fragile girl. She is the main hope of the Russian Gymnastics.”

Evgeny Garanichev: “I will support the girls from Rhythmic gymnastics Synchronized swimming teams. I want to wish good luck to Evgenia Kanaeva.”

Ekaterina Yurlova: “At this Olympics I will support Russian shooters – Lioubov Galkina and Leonid Ekimov.”

Anton Shipulin: “I always support Elena Isinbaeva (pole-vaulting). She has always been my hero – the first woman to clear the five-metre barrier. I always admired her commitment and persistence.”

Olga Zaitseva: “I would like to mark out Yuriy Borzakovskiy and wish him to simply do his job, to remember his condition and emotions in Athens 2004 and repeat them in London.”

Dmitry Malyshko: “I will support captain of our basketball team Andrey Kirilenko, and of course all his team.”

Olga Vilukhina: “I want to wish good luck to our Racewalking team and Olga Kaniskina. She was very successful at the 2008 Beijing Olympics winning a gold medal. I wish her to repeat this success.”

Evgeny Ustyugov: “At the Olympics I will support wrestlers — Greco-Roman wrestling and Freestyle wrestling. We have a great school in Krasnoyarsk and strong sportsmen. I have many friends among them. I know how they train and work, put much effort. I think they will do everything to bring medals back home.”

Ekaterina Glazyrina: “On the eve of the Olympic Games in London I would love to wish to our swimmers, and especially to Anastasia Zueva, to win many medals and strength.”

Andrey Makoveev: “At this Olympics I wish good luck to our women’s volleyball team, and its leader Ekaterina Gamova.”

Svetlana Sleptsova: “Some people have their favorite athletes, the support at the Olympics. I will support Maria Sharapova and the men’s volleyball team.”

Ivan Tcherezov: “I want to wish to our Olympic champion, world record holder in the triple jump Tatyana Lebedeva to win another Gold medal in London. And of course to the entire team I want to wish to come back home with medals! Good luck!”

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