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Biathlon Symphonies of Tchaikovsky

The Summer Biathlon Russian championship finished in Tchaikovsky on September 26. Three representatives of the national team, biathletes of the reserve teams, and strong sportsmen from regions fought in the cross sprints, individual races and relays in the southwestern part of Perm Krai. figured out what Tchaikovsky city has to do with Tchaikovsky composer, draw a parallel between “Snezhinka” and Holmenkollen, wondered at the victory of Rusinov and speed of Nazarova, and accepted Tyumen teams’ victories as their due.

Дмитрий Ярошенко, Артем Гусев

The Summer Biathlon Russian Championship came to its end. It was a final tournament in the season 2011–2012 for the sportsmen. This is the way how the Russian calendar composed – the summer championship is a part of the season, which is for almost a half a year called “past season” by the biathlon fans. A new season 2012–2013 will start only in November.

Вадим Мелихов, Сергей Кущенко 

Tchaikovsky is, by the way, great. Not so many biathlon guests had the chance to feel and look round the city. However, biathlon Tchaikovsky also impressed: track, facilities and hotel are of top-class. A ski jump is situated near the hotel and casts the thoughts over Norwegian Holmenkollen. There is a reason why the IBU representatives promised to RBU’s CEO Sergey Kushchenko to send the licensing inspection to arena in Tchaikovsky.

Лыжный трамплин 

Here are the basics of the town’s history for those who are not familiar with Tchaikovsky. Tchaikovsky is a small town, based in 1955. This date proves that Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky was not born here. A hometown of the great composer, Votkinsk, is located 40 km from Tchaikovsky. The town was named after the famous author of “Swan Lake” and “The Nutcracker”. Another interesting fact about Tchaikovsky is its time zone. Passing the bridge over Kama you change +6GMT for +4GMT and save two hours.

Иван Черезов 

Skiing and biathlon complex in Tchaikovsky was put into operation last year. Nevertheless, the biathletes of the highest level trained here before that, without these great conditions – Konovalov, Klyachin, Pechyonkin, Iourieva, and Glazyrina. Ekaterina Glazyrina and Ekaterina Ioyrieva could not race at their home arena. Iourieva got a trauma two weeks before the championship, and Glazyrina participated in the world championship in Ufa.   

Сергей Клячин 

Sergey Klyachin participated in the competitions at his home track and won the first race of the championship on September 23. Irina Starykh from Tyumen was the best among women. On September 24 the coaches’ council took place in Tchaikovsky.

Лариса Кузнецова 

The next day sportsmen competed on roller skis to reveal the best biathletes in individual races and relays. Dmitry Rusinov from Moscow was the best in 20 km among men. After the finish, he said that during the whole summer he had just one training camp. Larisa Kuznetsova from Tyumen won the 15 km individual race among women, while Valentina Nazarova from Udmurtia surprised everyone with her speed, finishing second with 6 minutes of penalty.


Relays closed the Russian championship. Biathletes from Khanty Mansiysk won the 8th relay of the summer championships in a row. Women’s squad from Tyumen also celebrated the victory in the relay. Three sportsmen of the men’s national team competed at the championship. Ivan Tcherezov finished 4th in the individual race, Alexey Slepov took bronze in the cross sprint, while Timofey Lapshin could not finish the individual race. Maxim Tsvetkov performed well in the relay. Those were the biathlon symphonies of Tchaikovsky – we believe this was not the last time we hear this music.

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