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Top-10 events of September

Seeing the first autumn month off, recalls the great performance of the Russian team at the WCH in Ufa, admires the victories of Maxim Chudov, tries to find new candidates to the national team, and reminds of the selection criteria.

Harvest of the month. 9 gold medals at the Summer WCH

There is no doubt, that the strongest biathletes of top level like Svendsen, Birnbacher and many others were invited. But they could come – for them to decide. National championships in many countries happened simultaneously with the world championship. It also reduced the number of probable participants. The championship without stars of course becomes more boring; nevertheless, the medals and titles do not loose in absolute terms. Nine Russian victories in ten races, twenty-one medals in total is a nice result. The national team had a great training session; sportsmen tried a competition mode and checked their conditions. What else is needed in September?

Russian champions 2012:

Olga Zaitseva (sprint), Maxim Chudov (sprint), Alexey Volkov (pursuit), Svetlana Sleptsova, Olga Zaitseva, Alexey Volkov, Anton Shipulin (mixed relay), Olga Podchufarova (sprint, pursuit – junior women), Alexander Pechyonkin (sprint – junior men), Peter Pashchenko (pursuit – junior men), Olga Podchufarova, Olga Kalina, Alexey Kornev, Anton Babikov (mixed relay – juniors).

Like of the month. Champion photo in Ufa

The photo was made in autumn, but it’s filled with summer. 143 followers of the RBU’s Facebook page like the champion smiles.

Decision of the month. Selection criteria to the national team

After a five-hour meeting in Tchaikovsky, the Executive Board of the RBU got the project of selection criteria for consideration. And the coaching staff got the real powers in forming of the teams. Nikolay Lopukhov and Wolfgang Pichler will choose eight sportsmen each for the world cups in December. The head coaches will also form 75% of the squads for January cups. Winners of Izhevsk Rifle will get the vacant places.

The third phase is a selection for the WCH-2013. Head coaches will choose two athletes for each team. Four women and men will be determined by successful performance in the world cup. Great performance at the Russian cups in January could also help to make it to the team.

Flash of the month. Larisa Kuznetsova and Valentina Nazarova

Summer Russian Championship also revealed some candidates to the national team. Larisa Kuznetsova named this season as the most important in her carrier and took two gold medals in Tchaikovsky (individual race and relay). In the individual race, Valentina Nazarova missed six times, however managed to win silver. In two weeks, she will turn 25. It seems that the starting season will not be the routine one for her.

Juniors of the month. Olga Podchufarova and Alexander Loginov

Ольга Подчуфарова

Olga Podchufarova became an absolute champion of Ufa, winning all possible races. After that, she relocated to Tchaikovsky and won another medal in the individual race, missing four times. Last spring sophisticated second name of Olga slipped out in the talks of Wolfgang Pichler about “Russian talents” and “future of the team”.

Alexader Loginov is another talent. He wins junior medals in packs, but he is not in a hurry to the main team. However, the short checkup by the IBU cups next season could be a great encouragement for a 20–year old workaholic. 

Video of the month. Anna Bogaliy. The best moments

Dedicated to the two-time Olympic champion, three-time world championship. 10–minute highlights of one of the most successful biathlon carriers.

Maxim Chudov of the month. 1–1–0 at the summer world championship

Максим Чудов

The races in Ufa were the first starts for Max in 1,5 years. Finishing first in the sprint, he reminded everyone of his brand qualities – obstinacy and passion. Six years after the first summer title he won another one.  

Agreement of the month. A tripartite declaration

Сергей Кущенко, Дмитрий Чернышенко

The IBU, the RBU and the Organizing committee Sochi 2014 signed a document which regulates participation of three key organizations in preparation of the races at the Laura complex. The document is signed by the IBU first vice-president, the RBU CEO Sergey Kushchenko and chief of the Sochi 2014 Organizing committee Dmitry Chernyshenko.

The biathlon elite will test Sochi next spring – the eights world cup will take place here on March 4–10. 

Nomination of the month. Evgeny Garanichev nominated for Biathlon Award – 2012

Евгений Гараничев

Last December nervous and inexperienced Garanichev was sent by the team’s coaches to the IBU cup. Today Evgeny is one of the main team players, and one of the fast progressive racers of the peloton. Three personal podiums, and one victory are the sound arguments against Swedish Lindstrem, Canadian Green, Holland Sloof and American Dunklee in the in the battle for the “Best newcomer” nomination.

Breakthrough of the month. 40000 followers in Twitter

Official twitter of the Russian Biathlon Union jumped over a 40000–level in September. The page in Russian is mirrored with the English copy.

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