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Full recovery

A little more than three months needed Khnaty-Mansiysk to fully reconstruct its famous biathlon centre after a devastating flood that happened in June. In the beginning of summer, heavy rains washed away the track, and sceptics started to talk about the possible transfer of the last world cup from the capital of Yugra to another place. Pessimistic forecasts did not come true – the reconstruction of the track was finished in time. And according to the eyewitnesses, the arena became even better. talked to those, who have already seen the reconstructed stadium and noticed that there are only memories left after the natural disaster.


Vadim Melikhov, the RBU Vice-president for development and sport technologies:

“They have done a giant amount of work in a few months! In order to minimize the risk of repeating destruction, they also conducted the anti-mudflow works. Everything was made here having the possible repetition of the accident in mind.

After the finish of reconstruction, we realized that the arena looks even better than before the accident. It became brighter and cleaner. The favorable conditions were created for sportsmen – steepness and narrowness of the track will not bother anyone anymore. The track became wider and smoother, however the relief remained the same.

The territory of the complex was beautified, it looks nice and elegant. The part of the complex that was supposed to be done before the championship 2011, but was not finished back then was finally constructed.

I can talk about it for a long time – how great and fast the team reconstructed the stadium in Khanty-Mansiysk. However, it is better if you come here yourself and see it!”


Svetlana Sleptsova:

“Of course I was disappointed when I heard what had happened and saw the stadium. So much efforts and money were invested into arena. And it all was washed away by the rain. However, I had no doubts, that the track would be renovated, and the world cup would take place here, just as planned. Everyone knew that everything would be okay. There were no even talks or worries that the world cup would be transferred to some other place.  

This summer I spent a lot of time training at home, that is why I could see the progress of reconstruction works. Judging from what I saw – everything was reconstructed in three months. I am not surprised that they made it so fast. Biathlon is one of the favorite sports here and the region’s government does a lot to make sure that biathletes feel comfortable in Khanty.

I want to thank our governor Natalia Komarova. Everything looks super! The real winter has come here and we already have snow. And I did not have time to check the roller track. However, as I heard, it became even better than before.”


Evgeny Redkin:

“The most important thing is that the construction company which worked under this project from the beginning turned out to be very descent. They made all reconstruction works using their own budgets. Nothing was spent from the region’s budget. The overall budget of the works amounted to 80 million rubles.

Considering what happened here in June, some amendments were made to the project. This will help to save the track from the possible distractions in future. The ground was additionally strengthened, and the extra systems of drainage were installed.

Of course, when it all happened some people said that it was impossible to reconstruct the track in such a short term, and the world cup would not take place here. The reconstruction works started on June 25, right after an assessment of damage, and lasted until October 1. Unfortunately, due to the bad conditions of the track in summer, we could not have training camps here. But the most important thing we completed it to schedule.  Next spring Khanty-Mansiysk will host the world cup again. The IBU commission visited us, they all were satisfied with what they saw. They said that the complex is in fighting trim.”


Borut Nunar, assistant of the IBU race director:

«When we saw the photos from disaster after storm, we knew that it would be a hard task to repair all those areas. But Khanty-Mansiysk took all necessary measures to recover from the storm as soon as possible. “Positive surprise” for all of us was, that the work started almost the next day. The IBU never doubted that Khanty-Mansiysk would recover. It was only a matter of when and how. 

Very soon after storm the first images from construction work reached us. It was a definitive proof that Khanty-Mansiysk means business! From the photos, we knew that work would be completed well before the winter. And my visit just few days ago confirmed that all damaged areas were repaired. I want to thank the OC Members and Khanty-Mansiysk government for the job done. The сentre looks great, some parts of the courses look even better than before.

Yesterday we had a Technical Committee meeting and the report about the work was positively accepted by all TC Members and Vice-President for Sport Gottlieb Taschler. 

We all look forward to have another great final in Khanty-Mansiysk


Sergey Kushchenko, the RBU CEO, the IBU first Vice-president:

“We had no worries that the region’s government would efficiently deal with the consequences of the disaster. The discussion over the transfer of the world cup from Khanty-Mansiysk to another place was closed at the international federation level right away. Khnaty is one of the regions, where the head understand and solve all the issues of biathlon and biathletes – from the construction works to the housing problems of a single biathlete. For example, governor of the okrug Natalia Komarova secured that the sportsmen get tenure of the apartments (which they got for administrative use) as a reward for Olympic medals and medals of world championships.

What we see today instead of the devastated track proves that Khanty is one of the most important regions for Russian biathlon.”

RBU Media Office