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Warm up fight

On November 24, in Idre the biathlon IBU cup started with the sprint races among men and women. One day before the main season’s start, traveled to small Swedish town to share the news from the place. Medal of Viktor Vasilyev, debut of Kristina Smirnova, success of the Eberhard brothers and Norwegian hegemony, speed of Pechyonkin and absence of Germany are in the photo reportage at

News of the day – Viktor Vasilyev won Bronze of the sprint race at the IBU cup in Idre

Shooting clean the Russian athlete toped the third place, losing to winner of the race Julian Eberhard 30,2 seconds. Viktor kept the second place before the finish of the racer number 130 – another Eberhard, this time Tobias, moved Viktor down to the third place. Such a triumph of the Austrian brothers.

Citation of the day – Viktor Vasilyev: ““It is too early for me to think about the World cup”

After a successful race Viktor said: “It is important to show good performance at the IBU cups, I want to start in every race at all three cups. After that we will see what for result will I have. It is too early to think about the world cups with the shape I have now.” It is good that the biathlete can assess his abilities. With that competition in the men’s team it is a better to be in the best shape to compete at the world cup.

Hegemony of the day – four Norwegian women in the flower ceremony

Young world champion among youth girls Hilde Fenne outran all other more experienced competitors. 4 out of 6 bouquets of the flower ceremony went to Norwegian biathletes. Thekla Brun-Lie, Bente Landheim and Jori Moerkve joined Fenne in the top-6. It seems that the times when Norwegians were not satisfied with their women’s team are over.

Debut of the day – Kristina Smirnova

21–years old sportsman took 13th place in the debut race at this level. In course time she was 8th. Ex-skier, who switched to biathlon 1,5 years ago assessed her two misses as a “normal” result and promised to to continue working on this component. Another debutant Olga Podchufarova finished 20th.

Loss of the day – absence of the women’s German team at the IBU cup

Germans decided not to take their reserve women’s team to the IBU cup, thinking that the second team should better start in the German races. Only Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle competed for the whole team in Idre. The Oympic champion in cross-country skiing, who pretends to compete in the world cups, took 24th place with four misses.

Number of the day – 234

234 sportsmen finished the races today in Idre. On the eve of the world cup, many athletes of the higher class decided to check their strengths at the IBU cup. There were also representatives of the rear for winter sports Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia.

Speed of the day – Alexander Pechyonkin

In skiing he only lost 8,2 seconds to Ronni Hafsas. However there could be no other result from the Norwegian who put his rifle aside in spring. So we do not count skiers. Norwegian Maren Wangensteen was the fastest among women, finishing 23rd with five misses.

Sniper of the day – Thekla Brun-Lie

Norwegian Thekla Brun-Lie was the best in shooting – zero misses and 1:58,2 at the shooting range. Kristian Martinelly was the best among men with clean shooting and 2:02,1 range time.

Photo of the day

The best photo today turned out to be gloomy. Icy downhill of Idre led to many falls. In one of these sad episodes Lithuanian Karolin Bannel could not deal with the speed and lost consciousness. The first thing that she said collecting herself was: “It is a pity! I was doing so well.”

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