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  • 14 Sep 2012

    In the Russian team’s blog head coach of the women’s team Wolfgang Pichler talks about the team’s trip from Sochi to Ufa, shares his opinion on “special” biathletes, capable of winning only on one track, and marks great training conditions at the Olympic stadium.

  • 13 Sep 2012

    On August 13, a tripartite declaration of the biathlon world cup organization in Sochi was signed in the RBU office. Formally, the document regulates participation of three key organizations – the IBU, the RBU and the Organizing committee Sochi 2014 – in the pre-Olympic week. The declaration is a tripartite collaboration agreement, which assigns duties, rights and responsibilities. The document is signed by the IBU first vice-president, the RBU CEO Sergey Kushchenko and chief of the Sochi 2014 Organizing committee Dmitry Chernyshenko.

  • 12 Sep 2012

    The Russian women’s team finished its training camp in Sochi on September 12 and relocated to Ufa. Seeing the team off to Ufa, decided to organize a guided tour of the biathlon and skiing complex in Sochi. Cableway and cozy houses for sportsmen, compactly situated rifle room and wax cabins, roller track and mountain paths – invites supporters to check all the biathlon corners, which in 2014 will become Olympic.

  • 10 Sep 2012

    On September 12, the Russian women’s team will finish its training camp at the skiing and biathlon complex Laura in Sochi and move to Ufa to have time for test training before the summer world championship. came to Sochi to see Russian biathletes visiting the Olympic biathlon center for the first time. Wolfgang Pichler and shy gastarbeiters, close attention to the foreign professor in the coaching staff, twists and turns of Laura and its scary slopes – in the photo reportage of

  • 5 Sep 2012 recalled the most important events of August and formed a traditional list of the top ten events that happened in the last summer month. Summing up the events correspondent of “Soviet Sport” Vyacheslav Sambur offers to look once again at the photos from the farewell press conference of Anna Bogaliy-Titovets and Svetlana Sleptsova in Men’s Health, wonders at great organization of the show-race in Yekaterinburg and rain in Püttlingen, and regrets about the senseless move of Olga Abramova to Ukraine.

  • 3 Sep 2012

    The IBU congress took place in Italian Merano past weekend. The representatives of the national federations gather every two years to make strategic decisions. This time the rules for the world biathlon were approved until 2014. Decline in consideration of the proposal of quarantine’s reduction after the change of sport citizenship, Bjoerndalen and Hanevold as trustees of Holmenkollen, and Alexander Tikhonov representing the bid of Belarus are in the on-the-spot photo reportage of

  • 30 Aug 2012

    Jury of the video competition “Biathlon. Made in Russia” rated the top-12 movies and determined the winners. The best work according to the jury is a movie “Where the victory is!” filmed by Zanif Shangareev. Zanif will get an invitation to the Summer Biathlon World Championship in Ufa. publishes the list of the winners and comments of the jury members.

  • 26 Aug 2012

    On Sunday August 26, a traditional summer Odlo City Biathlon show-race took place in Puttlingen. Russian Anton Shipulin won Silver, losing only to French Martin Fourcade. Ukrainian Vita Semerenko celebrated a victory in the women’s race, Olga Vilukhina finished 7th.

  • 23 Aug 2012

    Two-time Olympic champion Anna Bogaliy-Titovets decided to end her sport career. In the Russian team blog, Anna explains the reasons for leaving professional sport, talks about her teaching plans, problems in Russian sport, and one very active boy, who makes his mother happy.

  • 21 Aug 2012

    On the eve of another training camp of the women’s team, the official site of the Russian Biathlon Union publishes an interview with one of the most mysterious souls of the national team – Anna Bulygina. This season Anna trains under the watchful gaze of head coach Wolfgang Pichler. In her interview to Anna is overcautious and asks not to anticipate the plans for comeback to the biathlon elite, but stresses that she is motivated for “puffing” at training sessions.

  • 13 Aug 2012

    Celebrating the victory of the Russian men’s volleyball team with the whole country, realized that even despite the fact that the national team finished in overall standings at the 4th place, in the course of the Olympics our team gave many reasons to be proud of its sportsmen! The Russian Biathlon Union thanks the national team for the minutes of joy and pride and congratulates champions and medalists, their relatives, coaches, specialists, managers and fans – everybody who went through the Olympic marathon with the Olympic team!

  • 24 July 2012

    Counting down days and hours before the major sport event of the year, biathletes of the Russian team have interrupted their training to say the words of support to their friends and colleagues from summer sports. On the eve of the Olympic Games Russian biathletes promise to support every sportsman with all their heart – Zaitseva will support Borvakovsky, Vilukhina – Kaniskina, Shipulin – Isinbaeva, Garanichev – Kanaeva, Sleptsova – Sharapova, and all together — the Russian team at the Summer Olympic Games in London. publishes exclusive video and promises together with the biathletes to think of every athlete and support the whole team!

  • 18 July 2012

    Evgeny Ustyugov had an operation in April, and in May, he started training with the national team. By September, he hopes to recuperate completely. Specially for, Pavel Kopachev talked to the Olympic champion of Vancouver about injured knee and rebellious shooting, the USA and McDonalds, vacations with daughter and his big dream.

  • 16 July 2012

    The women’s team finished its training camp in Italy and came back to Russia for a short self-training. In the meantime, recalls one of the training day in Toblach, when the women’s team had a hiking trip in local mountains. Italian mountains, clouds and bullfights – are in the photo gallery from Toblach.

  • 13 July 2012

    Medalist of two world championships Natalia Sorokina is preparing for a new season with the team of Mordovia. Pavel Kopachev interviewed the most communicative Russian biathlete and asked her about everything — transition difficulties, Pichler’s trainings and Facebook activity.

  • 11 July 2012 visited Italian Toblach – a sight of July training of the Russian women’s team. One day from the sportsmen’s life in Italy, unexpected encounters with foreign athletes, sniper tournaments, hard training and meeting with Italian carabineers – in the photo reportage of

  • 2 July 2012

    Theaters and champion match of Zenit, surfing and poetry, foreign languages and express analysis of the past season. Pavel Kopachev talked to one of the most creative biathletes of the Russian team Ekaterina Yurlova.

  • 21 June 2012 spent the whole day watching the Russian men’s team training and realized how diverse the process is. Prolonged training in the pouring rain, soccer stunts in volleyball and levitation miracles are in the photo reportage from Vuokatti, Finland.

  • 18 June 2012

    The more popular biathlon becomes, the more accustomed the sport’s main faces become to the fact that they are not just athletes anymore: they are persons of interest for the fans who not only follow their results on track and shooting range, but are also interested in their life outside the competition. This is how a new kind of communication develops – the one that is happening via first-rate social networks: Twitter and Facebook. After studying athletes’ social activity on the Internet, has singled out the biathletes who are most active and popular online.

  • 13 June 2012

    Interviewing head coach of the Russian reserve team Alexander Kasperovich got to know everything about difficulties of selection to the junior team, serious tasks for talented Alexander Loginov, and primary headache of coaches – doping in children's sports.

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