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Wax truck of the Russian team is on its way to Nove Mesto

A new wax truck of the Russian team will be presented on February 6 at the World championship in Nove Mesto. Exclusive truck Scania will allow to the technical staff of the team to prepare skis of the sportsmen in the comfort conditions. Conformance to the world standards, modern equipment, and best working conditions for the service team are the main reasons for obtaining the wax truck of the Russian Biathlon Union.

“This is a modern wax truck. Our service team will work there in the best conditions. Norwegian, German, Swedish teams already have similar trucks. On the eve of the Olympic Games in Sochi, we got an exclusive semitrailer, where our specialists will prepare skis for sportsmen. There are four tables for skis preparations, each of them has two workplaces. Eight people can work there simultaneously. This is an important event for our team, as skis are one of the most important things for good results,” commented vice-president for sports of the RBU Viktor Maigurov.

Partner of the RBU Scanis realizes such project in Russia for the first time. According to the management of Scania, partnership with the Russian biathlon team gives them a unique opportunity to build new relations with sport in Russia. Scania has experience of international projects, in 2008 it made the first wax truck for the Swedish skiing team, and the last year they got a new truck for skis preparation. The Norwegian team also got a unique truck Scania.

“We are proud that people see us with the Russian biathlon team, which has great results at the international level. We are happy to help to the specialists that prepare skis, providing them with the good working conditions. Technical personnel play an important role in achievements of the national team. The team’s performance depends not only on sportsmen’ but also on their skis,” comments head of Scania-Russia Hans Tardell.


Every serviceman has an individual lighting of his workplace, power supply and intensified ventilation. Air conditioning and heating are also installed to the truck. The tables are fastened with special locks from aviaindustry, and they can be moved in any direction in order to optimize the workplace. There is a room of 7 sq.m. in the back part of the truck, which is drawn back to the truck while it’s moving. The room is for the team’s recreation. There are a TV and kitchen equipment (teapot, coffee machine, microwave). There are special niches and brackets for the skis that allow storing more than 100 pair of skis.

“Servicemen often have long stressful shifts. Waxing chemicals create unhealthy working conditions. Special ventilation system provides a continuous air circulation and creates good working condition for the Russian service team,” says Alexander Voronin, head of the Russian service team.

Providing the new wax truck to the Russian team Scania becomes an official partner of the Russian biathlon team and technical partner of the Russian Biathlon Union for the next 6 years.


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