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Well Deserved

The first part of the world championship in Nove Mesto is over, and in the short break between the races, the IBU summarized the results of the past season at formal ceremony. On Sunday evening, the award ceremony of the prestigious IBU Awards was held in the host town of the WCH-2013. Elegant Malyshko, splendid Helena Ekholm and first persons of the world biathlon at the red carpet are in the photo story of

News of the evening – Dmitry Malyshko and the RBU became the prizewinners of the IBU Awards

Russia got half of the prizes of the IBU Awards. Dmitry Malyshko became “The Rookie of the Year Awards” among men. He is becoming more and more popular every day. Work of the Russian Biathlon Union was awarded in the nomination “The Development”.


Hero of the evening – Dmitry Malyshko

The International Biathlon Union noticed achievements of Malyshko. Last season Dmitry showed the best performance among the other debutants, bursting into the world biathlon elite. All cameras were directed at the Russian biathlete this evening. According to Malyshko, he did not feel comfortable wearing the classic suit, but he was posing on the red carpet not worse than movie international celebrities.


Hero of the evening II – Helena Ekholm

The blond Swedish biathlete, who recently was winning over her competitors on track, was awarded with the IBU Gold Medal of Honor. Helena was beaming with happiness because of her pregnancy and meeting with her old friends. Taking the award, she said that she did not miss big sport and enjoy “the normal life”. “The only thing I miss now is my teammates and competitors. Separately I want to thank Wolfgang Pichler. I achieved all my results because of him. He was and he is one of the most important persons in my life. He always supported me and helped me in all situations,” said Ekholm in her address of thanks.


Comment of the evening – Sergey Kushchenko: “Our nominations supplement each other”

The CEO of the RBU Sergey Kushchenko went two times to the stage – to get a prize “The Development” and to award Malyshko with his prize. According to Kushchenko, “both prizes supplement each other. The huge funds are invested into biathlon development now, and these investments convert into results, that our young sportsmen show. Look at the number of medals at the last junior world championships – last year and this year. Development of biathlon in Russia is a difficult work done by the Sport Ministery, the Olympic Committee of Russia and the RBU. The IBU is sure that the epoch of squabbles and misunderstanding with the Russian side is over – my colleagues in the IBU see that the team that works on the Russian biathlon today is not aiming at the fast result, but at the global development of biathlon. That is why in the recent years, the IBU is more willing to trust the Russians arenas to host the major international competitions,” said Kushchenko.


Speech of the evening – performance of the IBU vice president for Development Vaclac Firtik

The President of the Czech Biathlon Union and vice-president of the IBU Vaclav Firtik presented the nomination “The Development”. Firtik decided to tell about the achievements of Russian biathlon in Russian, causing storm of applause. In addition, vice-president of the IBU demonstrated great knowledge on the state of things in our household, giving the interesting facts, “The Program of the material and technical support of the children sport schools and stadiums is functioning since 2010. This program is realized by the initiative and for the money of the RBU president Mikhail Prokhorov. In the first year, 50 mln rubles (apx. $1,7 mln) were spent in the framework of the program. In 2012, the Russian biathlon schools got more than 350 skis, 400 pairs of shoes, 350 ski poles, 700 rifles, 100000 bullets, 300 shooting and target facilities, as well as roller skis and other biathlon equipment. The program will continue its work until 2020, and 30 mln rubles (apx. $1 mln) will be spent every year,” said Firtik.

Laureates of the evening

German Franziska Hildebrand became a winner in the nomination “The Rookie of the Year” among women. She is a European champion and winner of the Total score of the IBU cup of the season 2010/2011. The Media Award went to the retired Norwegian television commentator Jon Herwig Carlson. Magdalena Neuner and the technical delegate of the IBU Rober Zwalen were also awarded with the Medals of Honor.

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