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Unlucky streak

Tora Berger won the individual race and third gold medal at the WCH-2013. Our sportsmen, unfortunately, finished without medals today. Domination of the unbeatable Norwegian, the first medal of the German team, and the unlucky streak of the Russian team are in the photo story of

News of the day – Tora Berger won her third Gold of the WCH

We can already state, that the women’s part of the world championship in Nove Mesto has the name of Tora Berger. In four races, she got three gold medals. The result is amazing. In the individual race, she ran as a wind and closed all 20 targets without mistakes. It was almost impossible to beat her result.

Hero of the day – Andrea Henkel

Despite of the total superiority of Berger, Andrea Henkel gets the title “Hero of the day”. On Wednesday, the German athlete became a nation’s hero winning the first medal for the team. Accurate shooting and right balance on the track were the earnest of the silver medal. Many German fans and journalists were happy with this medal even more than Norwegians were. They seem to have already got used to success of the sportsmen in Nove Mesto.

Bad luck of the day – Russian team

The unlucky streak, which started for the Russian team in the mixed relay, unfortunately has continued in the individual race. For the third race in a row leader of our team, Olga Zaitseva is unlucky. Once again, she lacked just one accurate miss to finish in prizes. This time wind interfered in medal’s distribution. As a result – sixth place and one more bouquet.

Speed of the day – Kaisa Makarainen

Finnish Kaisa Makarainen was the fastest on track. However, she finished only 8th because of her three misses in shooting.

Sniper of the day – Tora Berger

Only sportsmen shot clean in the race – Berger, Henkel and Brunet. But the fastest was the super Norwegian.

Comment of the day – Olga Vilukhina: “I think that already in the relay everything will be good”

Being upset with the race’s result, Olga Vilukhina still keeps her optimistic mood and believes that already in the relay the team will have a good result. We also believe in this, as our girls are the best:)

Photo of the day

Ekaterina Glazyrina is among Moravian firs. As our photographer Evegeny Tumashov says, on this photo, “the light created by the sportsman’s strong wish to win, lights up the beauty of nature in Nove Mesto.” No one could say better!

Fan of the day

It seems that Norwegian Vikings are going to take almost all gold from Czech Republic. The nation of conquerors follows its plan so far.

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